Pentahedronal Maturity (Hebrews 5:11-6:1)

Our Savior’s grace as God and priest,
Is too momentous to repeat;
You must engage, not mindless seek.
But diligence leads to maturity.

You have the word of God in hand,
Should you not teach our Lord’s commands?
Not as a child, act like a man!
For teaching aptly marks maturity.

Have you not known the righteous word?
You excuse sin with ‘grace’ or ‘works.’
Seek the full gospel you have heard,
To know God’s grace and call’s maturity.

This doesn’t happen over-night,
But you must practice what is right,
Conditioned God-ward – trained to fight,
And discipline will bring maturity.

Your effort still will not suffice,
But through the agency of Christ,
Will you be brought to paradise.
For Christ must cultivate maturity.

Train Up a Child (Proverbs 22:6)

You hold an everlasting soul:
The child lying in your arms.
You have the honor, then, to mold,
Their very life – their mind, their heart.

So cultivate a teacher’s part,
Encode the Bible in their hearts.
With family worship daily done,
In reading, prayers, and hymns sung.
Enthusiasm is your tool,
Your loves your children will love too.
And keep in mind the end looked for:
A godly servant of the Lord.
So one-on-one take time with them,
Disciple, love, and deal with sin.
You never will regret this life,
When you bring Children to the Christ.

Hold Fast (Hebrews 2:1-4)

Do not neglect the word of Christ,
For angels pale before Him.
You must not dare ignore Him,
Or you will drift from what is right.

For He was ever faithful,
Confirmed by men and angels,
In all the ancient words He wrote.
His law was greatly cherished,
No prophecy has perished,
But all accomplished as He spoke.
Accountable as traitors,
Were all of the law breakers,
And all of them the Lord has broke.

And faithful He’s remaining,
His message still maintaining,
The implications none can sway.
For He now speaks in Jesus,
Apostles also teach us,
In signs and wonders well displayed.
Oh! heed Him – I implore this!
You’re damned if you ignore this!
But seize this and you will be saved.