Learning to Walk (Colossians 3:1-17)

As little children learn to walk,
With toddling, stumbling steps,
The born-again must learn to walk,
By Jesus Christ’s precepts.

We walk because the Lord has loved.
We’re dead as Jesus died.
We live again as Jesus rose,
The Spirit as our guide.

He shows us what our idols are,
And tears them from our hearts,
Then we will worship only Christ,
From sinning set apart.

And when you’re walking well in Christ,
Your heart in thanks will sing,
His word and peace will live in you,
And emulate your King.

Generational Promises (Hebrews 11:20-22)

Cursed be he who curses you,
Blessed be he who blesses you.
The covenant of God succeeds,
To everyone of Abram’s seed.
And Isaac’s faith in things to be,
In promises he could not see,
In accident he blessed his son,
Recovered faith when it was done.
And Jacob saw the promise dawn,
With twelve born sons to make him strong,
And dying, bowing over his staff,
Blessed Ephraim, Manasseh last.
And Joseph trusted and believed,
His children would all one day leave
Their sojourn serving Pharaoh’s hand,
And come into the promised land.
And generations after him,
The Seed descended unto men.
The promised Christ to whom all bow;
Our promised land He’s making now!
The promises to Abraham,
God gives to every faithful man.

Perseverance of the Faith (Hebrews 10:32-36)

Let not faith grow frailer in growing more old,
But fervent – fermenting like finely-aged wine.
Let pressure of prison and pain make us bold.
The fire of trials makes gold more refined.

Remember the saints who have suffered before,
Those slaughtered and sawed through and set on by beasts.
Courageously they kept the call of the Lord,
And God turned to glory each one of their griefs.

Pursue then the promise of God certainly;
Your faith is the substance of what we received.
And Christ will come quickly, crowned with victory,
To bring back His bride who through all still believes.