Acceptance and Justice (Acts 6:1-7)

All men crave acceptance,
And that is why God made the Church,
To love and serve all people,
Regardless of their wealth or birth.

Yet from its first conception,
The Church has failed in doing this,
But in discrimination,
Neglected many who were His.

Yet be not quick in judgment,
When Christian brothers injure us,
Let grace be first extended,
In imitation of Jesus.

For no one can be perfect;
Yourself be quick to take rebuke.
Remember that your interests,
Are bound up in your brothers’ too.

So when your rights are trampled,
Will you commit yourself more sin?
Or giving and forgiving,
The world to Jesus’ Spirit win.


The Son has every right to boast:
In Him all might is vested.
In Him is light and life composed,
Who even dying bested.
Yet did He cloak Himself in opulence?
But no, He took upon fleshly substance.

The mighty God laid glory by,
To save the men who failed Him.
By shame and blood to sanctify,
Forgave those who assailed Him.
He would not seek out glory — though His due,
So every Christian must be humble, too.

Humility prerequisites,
The guidance of the Spirit,
for we are made by selflessness,
First sensitive to hear it.
With hearts made pliable to hear His voice,
May we exhibit His love, peace, and joy.

This too will build our unity,
As Christians and as brothers.
With views held in humility,
Considering each other.
To other Christians lovingly give place,
That we may show the world our Savior’s face.

Exhortation (Hebrews 13:15-16, 22-25)

Let thanks be ever on your lips,
Your offering of speech,
With good works, sharing what is His,
To any who has need.

And bear with those who share the faith,
And serve their interests first,
So visit brothers face to face,
To build a closer church.

And give you greeting in the Lord,
To saints from every place.
Let every thought and deed and word,
Be offered up in grace.