Eternal Perspective

The King of earth will soon return,
And call each of His warriors home.
And each of them a crown will earn,
When Jesus Christ ascends His throne.

If you would be among this band,
Then be a warrior now and pray,
That you may in your armor stand,
And finish well on judgment day.

And also give what God gave you,
In giving will God’s joy abound,
For every warrior needs his food,
The givers God will give a crown.

But also go and preach the news,
And boldly do what God has shone,
Rejecting flesh, God’s will now choose,
That God will say to you, “well done.”

Have this eternal goal in mind:
The greatest call, to praise the Lord,
And those who He will faithful find,
Receive His thanks and His reward.

But when God give us His reward,
We’ll toss our trophies at His feet,
And then we’ll bow before the Lord,
And great thanksgiving there repeat.

So by this grace be overwhelmed,
And in that passion be renewed.
We sinners in salvation helmed,
We helpless with God’s might infused.

Battle Plan

I told you years and years ago,
Thrice to Abraham and Co.,
Renewed to Isaac, Jacob, Joe,
Isiah and the seers of woe,
To David who took sling, not bow;
This message is to friend and foe.
I’ll tell you yet again, although,
You may have heard. Now go and sow,
My gospel to the gentiles low,
So that to me they all will flow,
to worship me forever. So…
Why stand you gazing there?

– yea, Go!

Orders: From the Returning King

The king returned, in power rise,
To don again his earthly guise.
The women took the herald’s call,
And ran to town to tell men all.

Some others saw the King appear,
At first they fell and quaked with fear,
But now they to the rebels fly,
to make quick gains and sell a lie.

The rulers and the soldiers leave,
The King – their King they should receive.
The King instead from local towns,
Raised men from those who would bow down.

Untrained and lay, yet faithful still,
That sword-less army on the hill.
They stood to listen and obey,
The marching-orders He would say.

Zion burned, the priests abased.
Barbarians laid Rome to waist.
The others, lowly, lord-filled, men,
Survived to preach His words again.