Sing! (Psalm 32:7-11)

Oh, I will sing unto the Lord,
The worthy Lamb to break the scroll,
The righteous shine out like the sun.
Spring up, oh well, with in my soul!
My mouth will now show forth His praise,
Let my soul magnify the Lord,
Who stretches out His hand to heal,
For He has lifted up my horn.

Let me instruct you in His ways,
The guiding God of everything:
Be supple to His guiding hand,
And of His saving graces sing!
Remember God’s deliverance.
Surround yourself with songs of praise.
He holds you in His hiding place,
And guides you ever in His ways.

If you don’t follow, He will goad,
As bit and bridle on a mule,
His discipline and yoke are such,
To bring you back under His rule.
How pleasant then to hear His voice,
And answer gladly when He speaks,
From rebels turning now to trust,
We praise with passion, joy complete!


Testing the Spirit (I John 4:1-6)

A million spirits, words and souls,
In contradiction claiming truth,
Each seeks to make your spirit whole,
But most will rape or murder you.
Then how discern their end intent,
Or how to sort the true from false?
Trust not in feeling or your bent,
Or what the popular exalt.
The truth is not in Hollywood,
Or on the streets of walls and wars,
The world brings only pain and blood,
When married to her many whores.
The truth is found in Jesus Christ,
And in His scripture guided all.
For He himself is Word of Life,
And brings salvation by His call.
So seek the truth in Him alone,
And test all spirits by His Word,
His Spirit shines when truth is shown,
For Scripture is all truth we heard.

Psalm 25: Redeemer

Pray, who is the man who fears God and stands,
God will direct all his ways.
His soul spends the night with goodness in right,
Ancestor of rulers of states.
And God will befriend all those who fear Him,
Show them His covenant grace!

My eyes look to Him, when trapped in my sin,
Yahweh delivers my feet.
Pray deal graciously and look well on me,
Lonely, depressed with defeat.
My heart steams with stress, anxiety-pressed,
Save me! Redeem, I entreat!

Lord, look at my state: iniquity great,
God all my sins has consumed.
Lord, look at my foes, their number – who knows?
Violent their hatred has fumed.
Lord, please guide my soul, no shame to control,
I have my refuge in you.

Your integrity will well protect me,
Waiting till you set me free.
Your covenant grace forever I praise,
Promised to children unseen.
When troubles distress, apostates oppress,
God will His children redeem.