Leviticus 23: Typological Rest

Every rest that Christ commanded,
Points as types and shadows,
To the rest in Christ now branded,
Of the days He hallowed.

Rest then showing our salvation,
Not by works receiving,
Trusting God against damnation,
In His grace believing.

Too, remember His creation,
Trumpets shrilly singing,
Keep yourselves – His holy nation,
He His kingdom bringing.

Keep your words and ways then humble,
Resting in His working,
These two things would make you stumble,
Christ atonement birthing.

And the harvest celebration,
All in tents are dwelling,
Showing Jesus’ incarnation,
Decadence dispelling.

Joy before the Lord displaying,
We the fruits He gathered,
Worship – joyous music playing,
Thanks to God the Father!

Resting in His many graces,
In your dwellings praise Him.
Keep His rest in all your places,
Every house embrace Him!


Leviticus 19:20-25: Redemption

A world affected by the fall,
Rebelling from the Lord of all,
Destruction yet He does not call,
Jehovah seeks redemption.

The foreigner and earthly slave,
May claim this promise that He gave,
Redeemed, protected, helped, and saved,
Jehovah brings redemption.

The sinner who rebellion made,
And flees to God – His judgment stayed,
Made holy by the blood He paid,
Jehovah give redemption.

The earth itself in labors grown,
Uncircumcised with curses thrown,
The gift of God on it is grown,
Jehovah births redemption.

Leviticus 19:9-18: Love Your Neighbor

O brother, love your neighbor!
Leave margin for the poor to eat,
With gleanings left after you reap,
To give your work to those in need.

O brother, love your neighbor!
Protect your neighbor’s property,
Don’t steal from him deceptively,
Or swear to him in blasphemy.

O brother, love your neighbor!
Don’t hold your power over him,
With holding wages is still sin,
Don’t laugh at weakness, but defend.

O brother, love your neighbor!
By seeking justice ever fair,
And never by their wealth compare,
But justice equal bring to bear!