Leviticus 19:9-18: Love Your Neighbor

O brother, love your neighbor!
Leave margin for the poor to eat,
With gleanings left after you reap,
To give your work to those in need.

O brother, love your neighbor!
Protect your neighbor’s property,
Don’t steal from him deceptively,
Or swear to him in blasphemy.

O brother, love your neighbor!
Don’t hold your power over him,
With holding wages is still sin,
Don’t laugh at weakness, but defend.

O brother, love your neighbor!
By seeking justice ever fair,
And never by their wealth compare,
But justice equal bring to bear!

Leviticus 2:8-16: The First-Fruits Offering

God accepts no sin in heaven,
Do not offer Him your leaven.
Trust in Him no doubting question,
Offerings to please the King.

Offerings with salt were given,
Pointing to the contract written,
Our relationship – love-driven,
With our Lord, which He restored.

Thankful for your harvest growing,
With your labor your thanks showing,
First of earnings given, glowing,
All was His, in love He gives.