Partakers in His Resurrection (Based on Colossians 3:1-4)

If you are now raised up with Christ from the grave,
Selected, elected, by grace and through faith,
Baptized by the Spirit, thus blood-washed and saved,
Partakers in His resurrection.

Start looking to heaven – on things of above,
Where God reigns eternal in triunal love.
The home-land our fathers rebelled from for lusts,
Corrupted in twisted obsessions.

Your eyes set on heaven, not burdens of earth,
Creation still writhing in sin’s sordid birth.
Through food, money, sex, and your rest do God’s work,
Corruption is not your concession.

For you are now dead, and your life is in Christ,
Your hidden with God – the Almighty on high,
So sin has no power to rule in your life,
It is but a hollow impression.

With Christ in his glory – with Him – we revealed,
Eternal, ethereal, all horror repealed,
This heaven, our hearts are now blood-bought love-sealed,
Praise Jesus! Let all men confess Him!


I Peter 3:18-22: Salvation

Salvation extends like a landscape,
With mountains, and fountains, and plains,
Through history, trekking, God’s hand shapes,
This scenery, this worldview, I claim.

Salvation was seen full in Jesus,
Golgotha, His death on the cross.
His sacrifice, once, now has saved us,
His coming to life raised the lost.

Salvation was seen in the old days,
While Noah, the ark making fast,
The Spirit of God preached through his ways,
Thus saving eight souls from God’s wrath.

Salvation is seen through the washing,
Baptism – not cleansing the skin,
Renewal is there for the asking,
The Spirit will cleanse us of sin.

Salvation is final in heaven,
The risen Christ ruling enthroned.
Like Noah through fire we’ll have Him,
Now pure we are His – His alone!

Salvation then has but this meaning:
That we are all owned by One Man.
And no one malevolence seeking,
Can takes us from out of His hand!

Magnificent – Isaiah 6

I’m sorry I was unable to get a poem up last week. My only excuse is that I didn’t have WiFi (or running water which was a bigger concern at the time…) so to make up for it, I’m giving you an extra poem this week, enjoy!

(Written September 7, 2014)

I saw Jehovah sitting on the throne,
Exalted and lofty, glorious eye.
The train of His robe the temple filled,
Before Him seraphim did fly.
Each seraphim was bearing each six wings.
With two they cover each their face,
With two more they covered up their feet,
With two they flew from place to place.

Sing: “Holy is the Lord!
His glory fills the earth!
Yea, holy is the Lord!
Let every tongue His praise birth!

And with this cry of praise the temple shook,
But the foundations were not broke.
Before these voices was all this done,
And the whole temple filled with smoke.
“Oh woe is me, for I am doomed!
For I’m a man of unclean lips,
And mine eyes have seen the Lord of Hosts!”
So thus my soul with fear was gripped.

Sing: “Holy is the Lord!
His glory filled the earth!
Yea, holy is the Lord!
Let every tongue His praise give birth!

Straightway one of the seraphs to me flew,
And in his hand a burning coal.
And with this coal he fair touched my lips,
“Behold your lips I have made whole!”
The from the throne I heard the Lord to speak,
“Yea is there one who I might send?”
Then my soul with rapture filled replied,
“Lord send me, let me join this hymn!”

Sing: “Holy is the Lord!
His glory filled the earth!
Yea, holy is the Lord!
Let every tongue His praise give birth!