Luke 19:41-44: Oh, Let Us Love As Jesus Loved

Oh, let us love as Jesus loves,
Who gave through His rejection,
He saw the pain we’d give His name,
Yet peace bore to conception.
Oh, let us love as Jesus loves,
And not miss what He gave us,
Or spurn the grace He put in place:
The sacrifice of Jesus.

Oh, let us give as Jesus gives,
For always peace He proffers,
And even you who hear the truth,
Must take the grace He offers.
Oh, let us give as Jesus gives,
And give the same to others,
When we are hated for our faith,
Forgiving every brother.

Oh, let us weep as Jesus weeps,
Thus grieved at sin’s rebellion,
And call to those who call us foes,
And weep for every hellion.
Oh, let us weep as Jesus weeps,
To see the lost in judgment,
And grieved for them who die in sin:
Yet preach without begrudgment.

Leviticus 20: The Wages of Sin is Death

The Word of God goes out to all,
That “You shall surely die.”
On human-kind His judgments fall,
With death-damnation from on high.

On those who worship demon-gods,
And kill their children for a fraud,
On those who steal their neighbor’s wife,
On those who take their brother’s life,
On those who curse in blasphemy,
On those who slander – treachery,
On those who sell a man as slave,
Or work upon the day He gave,
On those who would their parents curse,
On those who seek another’s purse,
And even on the lustful one,
Or he who hates his mother’s son,
Or he who serves his mind and heart,
Or from divining truth imparts,
Or he who lies once with with his tongue,
Or he who serves his food and fun:

Yes! All rebellion from the Lord,
And all deserves His dreadful Sword!
And God will judge the evil man,
And nations who won’t give His ban,
And kill the people who ignore,
The Law that comes straight from the Lord.

O! Dreadful truth: none life deserve.
Then why is yet my life preserved?
But is a ransom made for me?
And blood to give me sanctity?
Yes, Jesus Christ my price has paid,
And for my life, His life He gave.
And grace was given, sin erased.
I sing! No fear before His face.