Leviticus 15: Purification

A putrid, rotting corpse,
Unclean in all my flesh,
With filth in all I do,
A sewer running death,
A dump-heap is my soul,
As humans all posses.
Emitted from my heart,
This sin drives us apart.

For you are wholly pure,
And holiness defined,
Immaculate in all,
Incomparable, divine,
Impossible to know,
Your sanctity sublime.
Your glory none have seen,
And none can come unclean.

Then dare I touch Your robe?
And make You too unclean?
Would my contagion mar,
Your flawless sanctity?
Oh! rapture at Your grace!
Your cleanness covered me!
And You, looking at me,
See Your own purity.


Leviticus 11: Consecration

A sacred separation,
Among My holy nation,
Of sin’s decay, where death holds sway,
Abhor contamination.

Who eat what is decaying,
The curse of sin obeying,
Consuming death to fuel their breath,
And all this germ containing.

Infected pots are shattered,
Our souls the self-same matter,
Once contact made forever taints,
Unholy ever after.

In holiness pursuing,
Unclean in our construing,
Ourselves oppress, deserving death,
Still holiness eschewing.

We, never sacred fully,
God died to make us holy,
We died with Him! We died to sin!
So we can serve Him solely.

Leviticus 6:8-23: Priestly Duties

There is no temple anymore,
There is no altar sacrifice,
The priests unneeded, unrestored,
For this was all fulfilled in Christ.

Yet there is relevance to us,
Our body, temple of our God,
Ourselves the priesthood of Jesus,
And He the altar of His blood.

Then we the altar-tenders keep,
In holiness the Name of Peace.
Our robes through Christ of sins are bleached,
To do our duties as His priests.

The fire – symbol of the Lord –
As faithful virgins must keep lit.
So stay alert and preach His word,
The Spirit’s fire do not quench.

For God makes holy with His touch,
And at His presence filth has fled.
So we, made holy priests, as such,
Through all the world His light must spread.