Mold Me (II Peter 1:3-9)

Lord, mold me to be more like Christ,
And spur me on to sanctity,
And with Your Spirit strengthen me,
To decimate depravity.

Lord, mold me to be more like Christ,
Not fruitless in forgetfulness,
But stir me from my stalled distress,
Renew me in Your righteousness.

Lord, mold me to be more like Christ,
And stimulate my soul to hear,
I don’t digest Your words, I fear,
And unabsorbed, Your words are null.

Lord, mold me to me more like Christ,
I recognize I do not need,
Some new insights on which to feed,
But knowing Christ is all my creed.

Lord, mold me to be more like Christ,
Remind me of the things I know,
Through scripture, brother, or through foe,
Let common graces make me grow.

Learning to Walk (Colossians 3:1-17)

As little children learn to walk,
With toddling, stumbling steps,
The born-again must learn to walk,
By Jesus Christ’s precepts.

We walk because the Lord has loved.
We’re dead as Jesus died.
We live again as Jesus rose,
The Spirit as our guide.

He shows us what our idols are,
And tears them from our hearts,
Then we will worship only Christ,
From sinning set apart.

And when you’re walking well in Christ,
Your heart in thanks will sing,
His word and peace will live in you,
And emulate your King.

Where Rivers Run (Galatians)

Where rivers run the trees will flourish free,
But in a desert land they cease to be.
And men of flesh are like that withered land,
Who live as corpses without faith to stand.
They are the highest source that they invoke;
They’re deaf to all the words that Jesus spoke.
The Holy Spirit is our water source;
He makes us holy – He is grace enforced.
His power pollinates the fruits of faith,
His intercession shows us how to pray,
He opens up our ears to hear God’s voice,
To turn our desert to a garden choice.
Sow to the Spirit works that you were told,
And He will make them grow a hundred fold.