Hannah’s Song (I Samuel 2:1-3)

To the tune of “Mo Ghile Mear”

Glory to the Lord of Hosts,
He shall be my only boast,
He has humbled all my foes,
All praise to You, my saving Lord.

Grief and pain were all I knew,
A dried-up well, a barren root,
So with my voice I cried to You:
There is no one holy like the Lord!

There’s no one righteous like our God,
And only Him will I applaud,
For He has been my fortress rock:
There is no one holy like our Lord!

Beware your proud and careless speech,
Do not disguise your wicked deeds,
For God knows all — so take your heed:
There is no one holy like our Lord!

Where is This You Brought Us? (Hebrews 12:18-24)

O dread and sovereign Lord,
Where is this you brought us?
To Sinai, hard and scorched,
Through fire-flashing.
Tornado-winds and cloud,
Around Your person shroud,
With trumpet blasting loud.
Your voice in power roaring,
When Moses shook and trembled.
O dread and sovereign Lord.

O great and gracious Lord,
Is this where You brought us?
To Zion’s heavenly court,
With angels feasting.
Your throne on crystal sea,
Your face at last we see,
O Christ, unceasingly.
The Church of the firstborn,
With Jesus blood be-sprinkled.
O great and gracious Lord.

No Other (Isaiah 41)

All praise belongs to Jesus Christ,
Who only brings this dead earth to life.
He spoke and it was so,
He came so we might know.
Let us kneel before the throne of Jesus Christ.

No other can compare unto our Lord and Savior.
All of history at His command.
He raises mighty kings,
And dries the richest streams.
All-sovereign over every work of man.

No other can compare, no god can stand before Him;
Only He is worthy of our praise.
Yet we turn ourselves away,
To idols that we have made,
Yet they pale at but a glance at Jesus’ face.

No other can compare, no other came to save us.
Never will He let his children go.
Now He has set us free,
His is the victory
He washes all our sins as white as snow.