Absolute Authority (Hebrews 2:5-9)

As glorious as flaming angels are,
Was anything entrusted unto them?
God did not let them rule a single star,
But gave the world as the domain of men.
And Jesus Christ claims all authority,
And He redeemed His people from their plight.
Though He descended to mortality,
He’s now exalted, given His birth-right.
And absolute His power now holds sway,
And nothing is exempted from His reign,
Though you may never see it in your day,
Until that time when heaven’s shores we gain.
Have faith – the substance of the things not seen –
And you’ll be given this all-mighty King!

Psalm 16: Inheritance

Protect me, Lord my God,
For refuge I proceed,
“You are my Master,” says my soul,
Your goodness none exceeds.

Concerning, then, your saints,
The holy-ones of earth,
They are magnificent and pure,
For them, delight is birthed.

Those who chased after Baal,
Their sorrows will be great.
Never will I pour out blood,
Their very names I hate.

I will inherit You,
And You maintain my land,
The lines have fallen pleasantly,
An heir with good at hand.