Chastening (Hebrews 12:8-11)

O sons of God, rejoice!
And heed your Father’s voice,
For He is perfect when He trains.
And when He bares His rod,
It brings us close to God,
And molds us after Jesus’ name.

O sons of God, rejoice!
Though chastening will sting,
For so our earthly fathers see,
To profit us through pain,
Maturity to gain,
Yet Jesus chastens perfectly.

O sons of God, rejoice!
When you feel God’s reproach,
For wounds of love are meant to heal.
Bur Jesus paid the price,
With blood poured from his stripes,
True judgment we will never feel.

Pain and Hardship (Hebrews 12:3-7)

This contest all the saints have struggled in.
Though we have not yet spilled our blood for sin.
The Holy Father fosters within us,
A holiness to make us like Jesus.
So, brother, don’t belittle His rebuke,
Let difficulty draw you to the truth.
For pain and hardship are the price of sin,
They heal the saints, while rebels waste in them.
Remember, too, that Christ gives our reproof,
And He will not desert you through and through.
The fact He finds you worthy of His rod,
Is evidence that you are loved by God.
So persevere when persecution comes,
For God desires that He makes you sons.

Run (Hebrews 12:1-2)

Run with endurance the race that’s before,
Casting aside all that hinders.
Sin takes your throat and turns it from the Lord,
Clinging and stinging,
When you try to run as a winner.

Run knowing you are surrounded by saints,
Taking up heart by their witness.
Spur one another to keep in the race,
Striving and vying,
Brothers with you struggle in this.

Run with the weight of the cross on your back,
Only that weight gives you victory.
Christ at the fore making up what you lack,
Bleeding and pleading,
Strengthens when you’re running weakly.

Christ ran the vanguard, and He blazed the trail,
Finished by His own blood draining.
With joy took the cross, through the pain He prevailed,
Spurning the cursing,
Now with His Father is reigning.