Hebrews 12:14-17: Peace and Sanctity

Seek to be at peace,
Without and from within,
Sanctity to seek,
And holiness from sin.

Peace breeds unity,
Without it bitterness.
Root dissension breeds,
Division wickedness.

Holiness exudes,
The Gospel we’re confessing.
Recalcitrant refused,
The penitent have blessing.


When Christmas Turns to Bedlam

When Christmas turns to Bedlam,
And Bethlehem to hatred,
With chaos and oblivion,
And tempers all inflated.
When peace gives way to lying,
When sin consumes all living,
When closest kin are dying,
Is God His grace still giving?
Oh! Seek the Lord in prayer,
For He gives peace in Bedlam,
He conquered the Dismayer,
When He was born in Bedlam.
So trust Him and obey his word,
Renew you wonder at His birth.

Leviticus 3: The Peace Offering

This world of holocaust and war,
Tumult, hate, and dying.
Is there yet hope of peace in store,
World and flesh denying?
Let chaos cease, for God’s my peace.

For I – the problem with this world,
Man in damned rebellion –
Must bring my scape-goat from herd,
Substitute for hell-sins.
A perfect beast to die for peace.

The priest would kill him, drain his blood,
On the altar pour it.
The offal burnt before our God,
Fat – the best – the Lord gets.
On him we feast who bought our peace.

So Christ fulfills this sacrifice,
Drained for our redemption.
His blood, His flesh, a feast of life,
Communing benediction.
My life bequeathed in thanks for peace.