the Righteous King (Hebrews 7:1-3)

The righteous king, the prince of peace,
Melchizedek, the priest of priests.
Before the Levite he held claim,
To intercede in Yahweh’s name.
A priest who was not circumcised,
Yet Abraham paid him the tithe.
No father, mother, progeny,
His birth and death a mystery,
But he appears in the record,
As though eternal, like our Lord.
A priest forever – as the Christ,
Though neither of them were Levites,
By right not of his father earned,
But by the call of God confirmed.
He demonstrates the greater plan,
That God prepared when time began:
Not through the Levites to redeem,
But by a greater righteous king.
Melchizedek then was a type,
Of what would be revealed in Christ.
A priest to reign continually,
A king who will bring peace to be,
A prophet who will teach God’s word,
Which word predates the Law’s record.
One – Spirit, Son, and Father – three,
The prophet, priest, and righteous king.


Respecting God (Psalm 34:11-22)

Kindred listen to what I say,
I will declare how to fear the Lord:
Who wants goodness all of his days?
Life and old age with his youth restored?

Get on the move, then; from Egypt flee,
Listen and heed all the Law’s decrees.
And keep your tongue from the world’s deceit,
Your lips speaking praise of the Trinity.

Turn from evil and do what’s right.
Search out peace and hunt it down.
Righteous people are in God’s sight,
The evil experience His wrathful frown.

Hearing pleading, the Lord will save,
God is next to the humbled man.
He makes safe the heart that is flayed,
And delivers the person who would be damned.

He saves your bones to keep them whole,
Declaring that all guilty men die.
God redeems His loved ones’ souls,
Trust and respect God for it is right!

The Covenant Blessing of Jesus (Leviticus 26)

The blessings of the covenant,
Fulfilled at several times,
But totally in Jesus Christ,
Let me recall to mind:
His way bred productivity,
With bounty born around,
With fish and bread with few to find,
And wine in water found.
His way brought children all could see,
For He, a child, came,
With children best His praises sang,
Their emblem He acclaimed.
His way was paved in victory,
For none could overthrow,
He cast down soldiers, walked through mobs,
He even death laid low.
His way displaying liberty,
Demoniacs released,
Both death and sickness came unbound,
Those free whom He set free.
And in His way was always peace,
Who healed His foeman’s ear,
Uniting Jews and vulgar Greeks,
And stilling seas of fear.
And in His way, too, God was seen,
For He is “God with us,”
And with His blood bought us for God,
Betrothed, to heaven thrust.