Arise, O Lord (Psalm 35:1-10)

Arise, O Lord, and hear my plight,
And for my vindication fight!
I will not for myself contend,
But trust that You will now defend.

Arise, O Lord, with buckler born,
And bring my shield: the faith I’ve sworn,
Unsheathe the spear snatched from my foe,
The strength of Your salvation shown.

Arise, O Lord, and bring dismay,
On those who seek my life for prey,
Turn back their course, confuse their plots,
Bring them to shame, their plans to naught.

Arise, O Lord, Your angel send,
To chase the wicked to their end,
Their way be perilous and dark,
And dread of God consume their heart.

Arise, O Lord, their pit is laid,
Their net disguised for feet that strayed,
Destroy the foe’s insidious plots,
Let him within his net be caught.

Arise, O Lord, and hear my praise,
A song of Your salvation raised,
Let all my bones exalt Your deeds,
Who helps the one who was in need.


Respecting God (Psalm 34:11-22)

Kindred listen to what I say,
I will declare how to fear the Lord:
Who wants goodness all of his days?
Life and old age with his youth restored?

Get on the move, then; from Egypt flee,
Listen and heed all the Law’s decrees.
And keep your tongue from the world’s deceit,
Your lips speaking praise of the Trinity.

Turn from evil and do what’s right.
Search out peace and hunt it down.
Righteous people are in God’s sight,
The evil experience His wrathful frown.

Hearing pleading, the Lord will save,
God is next to the humbled man.
He makes safe the heart that is flayed,
And delivers the person who would be damned.

He saves your bones to keep them whole,
Declaring that all guilty men die.
God redeems His loved ones’ souls,
Trust and respect God for it is right!

Oh, Come and Bless the Lord with Me! (Psalm 34:1-10)

I praise the Lord, and join creation’s song,
Through rain or drought, I praise Him all day long,
In every time and way and place and throng;
Oh, come and bless the Lord with me!

To show myself exalts but dirty rags,
Let Jesus be the reason that I brag,
I boast of God, all other boasting lack;
Oh, come and bless the Lord with me!

I sought the Lord, and He has come to me,
When all around but terrors did I see,
I see Him, and I melt in ecstasy;
Oh, come and bless the Lord with me!

I cried to God, a poor and humbled man,
He plucked me from my torturer’s dread hand,
His angel armies all around me stand;
Oh, come and bless the Lord with me!

Come, taste and see the goodness God extends,
From foes and want, God all His sons defends,
Though lions starve, yet we are still content;
Oh, come and bless the Lord with me!