I Want to Honor You (I Samuel 2:18-30)

I want to honor You,
In everything I do,
As saints before proclaimed the Lord.
For I’ve been given much,
And privileged as such,
The more I’m blessed, the greater test.
By nature I would not,
Obey You as I ought,
but serve my lusts and damn the just.
Inclined to hate and spurn,
Your holy Law and Word,
And keep for me my offering.
Without You, I am damned,
The worst of every man,
Offending, not attending You.
I tremble lest You say,
“Because you disobey,
Depart My sight — you I despise.”
I want to honor You,
In everything I do,
I need Your might to do what’s right.
Oh, gird me in Your truth,
Your glory be my proof,
And let my tongue make Your name known.
Make up what’s lax in me,
And give me sanctity,
To demonstrate that You are great.
And fill me so complete,
That when men speak of me,
They can’t so do, but speak of You.

This Miraculous Son (I Samuel 1:12-28)

When I fasted in mourning and cried,
While my rival provoked me to grief,
And the man that I love chose to chide,
Since I would not drink, nor would I eat.

Though undrinking, rebuked as if drunk,
By the war-weary priest of the Lord,
By this final rebuke I am stung,
Yet still I’ll be gracious in word.

Now I cast off my sorrowful face.
Having faith that God heard my request.
And He gave me a son by His grace,
Evermore His great name will I bless.

May your soul live! Sir, I was the one,
Who had prayed at your feet in her tears.
Now behold this miraculous son!
He will worship God all of his years.

Contemplations on I Timothy 2

A Godly house submits itself to prayer,
With intercession made for every man;
For pastor, farmer, professor, and mayor,
And with thanksgiving lifting up our hands.
A Godly house by faith remains at peace,
Though all the world’s in chaos and in dread.
A wife maintains this peace particularly,
Not in autonomy without her head.
A Godly house is by salvation bound,
And God will hold you through pain of the curse:
In sweet and toil and hardship He is found,
He gives forbearance during childbirth.
For God is one, and He takes great delight,
When Godly households emulate their Christ.