Psalm 28: Answered Prayer

“It’s unto Thee, O Lord, my rock, I call,
My anchor point my guide, my All in All.
Do not be silent, Lord, regarding me,
Lest like the wicked I’m cut off from Thee.
Could I exalt Thee if I fall to death?
Or tell Thy glory if I have no breath?
Oh! Listen, Lord, unto my cry to thee,
For to Thy temple I have made my plea,
And save me from the ways of wicked men,
For they are sold completely to their sin.
But deal with them as they have dealt with Thee,
For they rebuke Thee with impunity.”
Ah! He has silenced all the wicked men!
He heard the prayer that I made to Him!
The Lord I bless – my strength, my shield, my trust,
He has my heart, who helped me from the dust.
And all His people with His strength are filled,
His strength which is on His anointed spilled.
And in that power from faith to faith we go,
To make salvations from our every foe.
Then make Thy people safe from foe and sin.
And bless Thine own inheritance in them,
Provide for them through each and every need,
And carry them into eternity.

When Christmas Turns to Bedlam

When Christmas turns to Bedlam,
And Bethlehem to hatred,
With chaos and oblivion,
And tempers all inflated.
When peace gives way to lying,
When sin consumes all living,
When closest kin are dying,
Is God His grace still giving?
Oh! Seek the Lord in prayer,
For He gives peace in Bedlam,
He conquered the Dismayer,
When He was born in Bedlam.
So trust Him and obey his word,
Renew you wonder at His birth.

Leviticus 2:1-7: The Grain Offering

To give a gift in obligation,
Will not make sure relationship.
No legalistic desecration,
In showing love by giving gifts.

The offering of grain containing,
These: frankincense, and grain, and oil,
Memorial of praise displaying,
And brought to God in sweat and toil.

For God His people still remembers,
And gives them bread born from the land,
Both Holy Spirit – oil tender,
And Bread of Life to save the damned.

And we remember God in prayer,
Like frankincense the incense burn.
Diverse from other nations layered,
And every tribe His praise will learn.

Then trip your memory with giving,
Returning that which God gave you.
To help His workers make a living,
A holy gift – your pride eschew.

And God gave us imagination,
So give with creativity.
For He has raised from every nation,
Both fried and baked diversity.