The nations rage, and rulers plot their gain,
A certainty of suffering we own,
Since they for pride have all the prophets slain –
They murdered Abel and had Stephen stoned –
And yet we serve a sovereign, loving God,
Who authored history to His plan and will,
The schemes of man are then a mere facade,
Rebellion served Him when it Jesus killed.
There is no rival to His rule imposed,
He does not struggle to sustain His throne.
Creating all, all serve – His friends, His foes,
All accidentally make His glory known.
The nations’ plots and threats, and treachery,
Do but the will that God ordained to be.

Ephesians 1:1-14: Good News

God chose us not through works we’ve done,
Obtained adoption for His own,
Our free redemption through His son,
Done at the cross – our sin’s atoned,
Now making all His mysteries known,
Entitled as heirs of His throne,
Within His Spirit sealed and grown –
So, for His glory, grace was shown!