Leviticus 22:1-16: Holy Food

The sanctity of priests defined,
No trifling with grace we own,
A nationhood of priests aligned,
To all the world His glory shown.

Commanded then to separate,
The holy from the vile,
Presuming not upon His grace,
But humbly reconciled.
Remember God is in the saints,
His special presence in our hearts.
The keep yourselves from worldly taints,
And in His church always take part.

Consuming what is holy then,
And taking it with in our mouths.
To purge your mind of thoughts of sin,
The toxic weight that drags you down.
Let everything you eat or see,
Or read, or say, or think, or play,
But drive you to God’s sanctity,
To serve Him better day by day.

For holiness from God descends,
And given by Him graciously.
Springs from relationship with Him,
Both guarded fierce and given free.

Oh, let this sanctity we’re given,
Show all the world our Holy Lord,
Who granted sinners be forgiven,
The filthy to His house restored.

Leviticus 13:1-46: Leprosy

A putrid, fungal lesion,
A skin-consuming sore,
A cancer of the reason,
Like biologic war,
To spread to every region,
From one contagious spore.

Condemned to grim existence,
To live in banished state.
Uncleanness in persistence,
A leprous reprobate,
Thus damned to keep his distance,
No fellowship partake.

But while outside the garden,
The Priest-Physician came.
My heart I could not harden,
Against that healing reign.
My sin-contagion pardoned,
The antidote acclaimed.

How good to make distinction,
To judge the whole from maimed,
The swelling leaven lengthened,
In quarantine contained,
In hope to make extinction,
Of hell’s infectious flame.

There is no toleration,
For what the Father quells.
Disease and desecration,
Forever burn in hell.
But Christ redeemed our station,
The Hope to make us well.

Leviticus 6:24-7:14: Priestly Sonnet

No priest was passed the need to give his tithe,
Thanks-giving for the fruits the Lord endued,
A curse on them whose greed consumes their life,
Give gifts to God with gifts that He gave you.
And priests would reconcile men from sin,
A sacrifice of service, prayer, and praise,
Proclaiming the salvation Christ extends,
A mouth-piece, martyr, embassy of grace.
The priest receives and eats the holy food,
The work of God, the sustenance he needs,
Communion with the Christ our strength renews,
So through His sacrifice, His worker feeds.
And God has called us each as priests of Christ,
In service then, surrender all your life.