Leviticus 22:1-16: Holy Food

The sanctity of priests defined,
No trifling with grace we own,
A nationhood of priests aligned,
To all the world His glory shown.

Commanded then to separate,
The holy from the vile,
Presuming not upon His grace,
But humbly reconciled.
Remember God is in the saints,
His special presence in our hearts.
The keep yourselves from worldly taints,
And in His church always take part.

Consuming what is holy then,
And taking it with in our mouths.
To purge your mind of thoughts of sin,
The toxic weight that drags you down.
Let everything you eat or see,
Or read, or say, or think, or play,
But drive you to God’s sanctity,
To serve Him better day by day.

For holiness from God descends,
And given by Him graciously.
Springs from relationship with Him,
Both guarded fierce and given free.

Oh, let this sanctity we’re given,
Show all the world our Holy Lord,
Who granted sinners be forgiven,
The filthy to His house restored.


Leviticus 8: Consecration

The audience assembled,
Before Jehovah’s tent.
The parliament of Israel,
On consecration bent.
To watch the sacred washing,
Of Aaron and his sons,
They clothed in holy robing,
In sight of everyone.
And also be anointed,
As holy among men.
The sacrifice appointed,
Would all be done again.

The audience assembled,
Outside the city gate.
The parliament of Israel,
To kill the Lord in hate.
Who washed the twelve who sought Him,
As Moses washed the priests,
Who Roman’s clothed to mock Him,
His duty to unleash.
With blood and sweat anointed,
And spirit breathed within,
Before His death appointed:
Redemption for our sins.
The week would be His vigil,
Who surely can not die.
The high-priest but resembles,
The One of priests most high.
High-priestly consecration,
That Moses could not tell,
Who in His installation,
Would sacrifice Himself!

Leviticus 6:8-23: Priestly Duties

There is no temple anymore,
There is no altar sacrifice,
The priests unneeded, unrestored,
For this was all fulfilled in Christ.

Yet there is relevance to us,
Our body, temple of our God,
Ourselves the priesthood of Jesus,
And He the altar of His blood.

Then we the altar-tenders keep,
In holiness the Name of Peace.
Our robes through Christ of sins are bleached,
To do our duties as His priests.

The fire – symbol of the Lord –
As faithful virgins must keep lit.
So stay alert and preach His word,
The Spirit’s fire do not quench.

For God makes holy with His touch,
And at His presence filth has fled.
So we, made holy priests, as such,
Through all the world His light must spread.