Pleasure (Psalm 36:8-12)

You richly fill my wounded, aching soul,
I’m satisfied in all Your pleasures.
You, and only You, can make me full,
To satiate my heart forever.
You know me, as in Eden – stripped away,
The foul and brooding, primal curses,
World’s sensual surfeit scatters, as they day,
Of Your face every sin disperses.
Your purity as a crystal fountain flows,
The genesis of life and cleansing,
The light by which we see comes from Your throne,
Without You, there’s no sense or sensing.

Extend Your loving-kindness to the just,
To those who by Your blood are righteous,
Oh! burst the flood-gates of Your love on us,
And to Your Lordship ever tie us!
God, guard my heart from haughtiness and pride,
Nor let the wicked make me waver,
But let me ever in Your grace abide,
And all Your providences savor.
For pride has caused so many men to fall,
They clinch their fists and then are shattered.
Such reefs the flesh into our life installs,
And all their progeny is scattered.
You bring me safely through these awful snares,
And You have silenced death’s loud clamor,
I try to praise Your grace – so rich, so fair –
But all my skill is but a stammer.

Leviticus 18:1-5, 26-30: Compromise

“If total peace desired,
Then total war required.”
Accept no compromise,
In purity comprised.

The Coming One, who ever “Am.”
The giver of the Law’s demands,
The One who judges every man,
Declares the right, and evil damns.

The law that you obey will be your god,
Your worship in the things you praise and laud.
And Christ accepts no idols next to Him,
You must forsake the worldly ways of sin.

From Egypt you were saved and freed,
Why imitate their dress and greed?
The Canaanites were driven out,
Why think their thoughts, or heed their mouths?

If you accept their lies,
Adulterous compromise,
To marry lie to truth,
God’s war will fall on you.

Accept the law Jehovah gives,
It is the light by which we live,
That He may bless and prosper you,
His statues then your avenue.

Reject abominations God demands,
Though you be hated by the kings of man,
To be abominated by the world,
Preferred to being hated by the Lord.

Then bravely take you stand for Law,
Against the world and all it’s wrong.
That Christ is only King, proclaim,
Defy the tyrants’ every chain!

“If total peace desired,
Then total war required.”
For compromise is death,
The Law our life and breath.