Jesus is More than Enough (Psalm 119:57)

Though people oppress me unjustly,
Though culture refuses to trust me,
Jesus is more than enough.
Though friends turn against me accusing,
Though family calls me confusing,
Jesus is more than enough.
Though I am reduced to a pauper,
Though I need to beg for my supper,
Jesus is more than enough.
Though I suffer cold and exposure,
Embarrassment, thirst, and foreclosure,
Jesus is more than enough.
Though I toil hard ever after,
With never a reason for laughter,
Jesus is more than enough.

Let all this be true, still I’ll laugh!
Without food or drink, I don’t lack.
Without anything, I am rich,
Beyond what world-riches can give.
I laugh in the face of all worldly success,
Consider myself the more infinitely blessed:
Jesus is more than enough!

Run (Hebrews 12:1-2)

Run with endurance the race that’s before,
Casting aside all that hinders.
Sin takes your throat and turns it from the Lord,
Clinging and stinging,
When you try to run as a winner.

Run knowing you are surrounded by saints,
Taking up heart by their witness.
Spur one another to keep in the race,
Striving and vying,
Brothers with you struggle in this.

Run with the weight of the cross on your back,
Only that weight gives you victory.
Christ at the fore making up what you lack,
Bleeding and pleading,
Strengthens when you’re running weakly.

Christ ran the vanguard, and He blazed the trail,
Finished by His own blood draining.
With joy took the cross, through the pain He prevailed,
Spurning the cursing,
Now with His Father is reigning.

The Greatest Danger (Acts 4)

The greatest danger to our life of prayer,
Is finding comfort and complacency.
It’s easier to act like you don’t care,
Then face the scoffing bullies fearlessly.
Yet when we wade into the war of faith,
And take our stand proclaiming Jesus Christ,
Be certain we will suffer grief and pain.
The world will ostracize us through this life.
Yet when our persecution presses hard,
We’re forced to see our insufficiency.
Then we will turn to Jesus as our guard,
To fight for us and give us energy.
Let troubles turn you to the Lord we claim,
And in His power let us preach His name.