Coming Into His Presence (Hebrews 10:11-22)

Before Your face we bow in shame.
We tremble at Your holy name.
Your law shows us condemned,
In slavery to our sin.
Your justice says we must be slain.

No penance, gift, or sacrifice,
No list of laws will yet suffice.
For every moral law,
Declares to us our flaws,
And they will never make us right.

But Christ makes right all who are His.
His death a full forgiveness is.
He dying once for all,
Reverses Adam’s fall.
The veil removed from heaven’s bliss.

The Holy Place is open then,
And Jesus Christ will lead us in.
No dread before the Lord,
Our innocence restored,
In confidence approaching Him.

Lord, let me never turn again,
To working to remove my stain,
But let me rest in You.
I trust You will renew,
So in Your presence I remain.

Lifting (Psalm 40:1-8)

The Lord has lifted me to life,
He listened to my litany,
Of cries and tears from pits of strife,
While I was waiting eagerly.
Behold this rock on which I stand!
My feet are firmly fixed on Him.
No storm can wrench me from his hand,
Nor any demon denizen.
And thus I sing my brand-new song:
“The man who trusts in God is blessed,
Who not among the proud belongs,
Who never falsehood has possessed.
And who could count His wondrous works?
The world He wrought before His face.
In mercy He has sent His word,
To make us righteous by His grace.
You did not ask for blood of bulls,
Behold, this body You have raised.
You covenant by Him made whole,
You cured the deaf to hear Your ways.”
I looked at all His prophesies,
For I have copied them and read,
Yet God, You spoke concerning me!
Fulfilling all these words You said.

I John 1:1-4: Good News

This boundless, joyous news,
Extravagance of grace,
As lepers bearing food,
Unto a starving race:
Jehovah of the Jews,
To gentiles shows His ways,
And with His grace infused,
Proclaim this news in praise!

Who has always been,
Who we listened to,
Who we all have seen,
Who we touched His wounds,
The Word of life in Him,
Who came to me and you,
To take away the sin,
And in us life renew.

Incarnate life revealed,
In flesh before our eyes,
The covenantal seal,
Of which we testify.
And witness to what’s real,
That Jesus lived and died,
All brokenness to heal,
Who rose again to life!

Then we are joined to Christ,
And through Him partners made,
In fellowship, His bride,
And brothers in His grace,
That joy may full abide,
And joy be full displayed,
Then freely testify,
The grace you have obtained.