Ascendent Lord Almighty

Ascendent Lord almighty,
Now raptured in the sky,
We do not follow lightly,
But are prepared to die,
As witnesses turned martyrs,
To farthest ends of earth,
Your promise to our fathers,
In Christ a finished work.
Come strip away our passion,
For all these lesser things.
Our hearts and minds refashion,
In passion for our King.
Baptize us with Your Spirit,
Your holy Word impart,
Open our ears to hear it,
And sanctify our hearts.
Let us now view You rightly,
And see our sinful state,
Ascendent Lord almighty,
We on Your pleasure wait.


Partakers in His Resurrection (Based on Colossians 3:1-4)

If you are now raised up with Christ from the grave,
Selected, elected, by grace and through faith,
Baptized by the Spirit, thus blood-washed and saved,
Partakers in His resurrection.

Start looking to heaven – on things of above,
Where God reigns eternal in triunal love.
The home-land our fathers rebelled from for lusts,
Corrupted in twisted obsessions.

Your eyes set on heaven, not burdens of earth,
Creation still writhing in sin’s sordid birth.
Through food, money, sex, and your rest do God’s work,
Corruption is not your concession.

For you are now dead, and your life is in Christ,
Your hidden with God – the Almighty on high,
So sin has no power to rule in your life,
It is but a hollow impression.

With Christ in his glory – with Him – we revealed,
Eternal, ethereal, all horror repealed,
This heaven, our hearts are now blood-bought love-sealed,
Praise Jesus! Let all men confess Him!

I Peter 1:1-6: Certain Salvation

A letter out of Babylon,
From one who talked with Christ,
Who lived with Him, and fished for men,
For those elect to life,
May grace and peace
To you increase,
To those who God foreknew,
To pilgrims, all of you.

My Brothers, listen as I tell,
For we must understand,
This covenant, obedient,
The outline of God’s plan,
A sacrifice,
That does suffice,
To bring us to His hope,
Abundant mercy quote.

I speak of Christ’s atoning death,
The Resurrected Day,
That gives us, hence, inheritance,
That can not fade away.
Protected, child,
And undefiled,
This Christ whom we have craved,
In heaven for us saved.

By God’s own power we were saved,
Through faith, by grace, for love,
To be unveiled, when all else fails,
Revealed from God above.
Rejoice, dear child,
Though various trails,
A little while we brave,
Rejoice, for you are saved!