The History of Rest (Hebrews 4:3-11)

The seventh day the Lord did rest,
Yet rest was made for man.
Perhaps of all God’s gifts, the best
Is rest. So see His plan:
How first the Sabbath God ordained,
For men to rest from work.
This, only faithful men obtained,
And was a type – the first.
And then He gave the Promised Land,
An other type of rest,
A land of fat – yet wicked man,
Still put God to the test.
He gave them kings to bring them peace,
And rest from all their wars.
Yet faithlessness would never cease,
But struggled all the more.
So God gives us another rest,
Redeemed in Jesus’ life.
This Sabbath now by far the best,
To rest by faith in Christ.
Why stand you faithless in the way,
In peril of the sword?
As long as it is called ‘today,’
Turn back now to the Lord!
Be diligent to serve His will,
And not as those who fell;
So enter heaven’s rest fulfilled,
And not be cast to hell.

Rest (Hebrews 3:15-4:11)

For every weak and wearied heart –
Like sailors yearning for the land,
The watchman waits for dawn to start,
The workman sore, with aching hands –
For such as these, in groaning flesh,
God calls, “I have prepared your rest.
Be still, for I will give you rest.”

Oh, do not turn to disbelief;
Apostasy will leave you sore.
But God gives rest, all else give grief.
He is the winner of the war.
Oh, fear the Lord, and dread His wrath,
So tread with care His righteous path;
“Be still, for I will give you rest.”

Why would you choose to leave behind,
The promise of God’s rest to us?
For you will come up short in time,
And thus be damned for your distrust.
But those who hear God’s word in faith,
Obtain the promise that He gave,
“Be still, for I will give you rest.”

The promise of the substitute,
The Gospel Lamb, whose blood was shed,
And took God’s wrath from me and you,
First slaughtered, then raised from the dead.
Oh, hear, and put your trust in this,
That you may claim His promises,
“Be still, for I will give you rest.”

Leviticus 26:1-39: Covenant

We’re conquered by the Lord of Love,
So do not dare take part,
In idols in your heart.
And never serve another God,
That what you make and see,
Bring glory to our king.
No image that leads us to sin,
Let everything point us to Him.

And seek to serve His covenant,
Though we are full perverse,
His favor undeserved.
Then in His church your Sabbaths spent,
To praise His holy name,
Who took away our shame.
His law the treasure of our heart,
His statutes fullest joy impart.

Our fields will bloom with harvest feasts,
With rain in proper place,
And hunger all erased.
And He will drive out wicked beasts,
And silence all our fear,
No enemies appear,
So in His power we will go,
And five will chase a hundred foes.

He’ll multiply the righteous womb,
With many children blessed,
The Spirit in their breath.
And He will come – the Coming Groom,
To make His home with us,
For He has made us just.
Released from fleshly, hellish bonds,
At liberty to serve our God!