Leviticus 25:1-34: Sabbatical

The work the Lord prepared,
With thorns our tribulation,
And in your sin impaired,
To break through your despair:
A year of jubilation.

A year that you must rest,
And cease from cultivation,
But do not be distressed,
For food I will address,
To feed your jubilation.

And trust that I provide,
And face no deprivation,
My holy Word imbibe,
In liberty abide,
In sacred jubilation.

So set your servants free,
And all throughout your nation,
Proclaim My liberty,
This is your jubilee,
A legal jubilation.

An ever flowing grace,
And total restoration,
Returning the displaced,
Exalting the debased,
In equal jubilation.

For Jubilee has come,
Who bought our full salvation.
Our liberty is won,
In Jesus Christ the Son,
In Him our jubilation.

As tenants on this earth,
The world is God’s plantation,
Proclaim your second birth,
By resting from your work,
Your Christian jubilation.

Leviticus 23: Typological Rest

Every rest that Christ commanded,
Points as types and shadows,
To the rest in Christ now branded,
Of the days He hallowed.

Rest then showing our salvation,
Not by works receiving,
Trusting God against damnation,
In His grace believing.

Too, remember His creation,
Trumpets shrilly singing,
Keep yourselves – His holy nation,
He His kingdom bringing.

Keep your words and ways then humble,
Resting in His working,
These two things would make you stumble,
Christ atonement birthing.

And the harvest celebration,
All in tents are dwelling,
Showing Jesus’ incarnation,
Decadence dispelling.

Joy before the Lord displaying,
We the fruits He gathered,
Worship – joyous music playing,
Thanks to God the Father!

Resting in His many graces,
In your dwellings praise Him.
Keep His rest in all your places,
Every house embrace Him!

Leviticus 23:1-22: Sabbath

A meeting called between the Lord and man,
The frail and mortal witness the Divine.
Since we can not within His presence stand,
The Lord will condescend to come into our time.
Commit yourselves to service to the Lord,
And rest that you may worship on that day,
And tithe your tribute – time and produce stored,
To follow Him and spend a day in praise.
The purpose simply not but to obey,
But imitation of our Father’s deeds:
The principle of resting for a day,
The shadows of what Christ soon would succeed.
And pointing yet until another time:
The Rest of rests – when we become His bride.