Meditation (Psalm 32:1-6)

(To the tune of “Ar Èireann Nì Neosainn Cè hì”)

Oh how blessed is the man God redeems,
He whose sins have been taken away.
Oh how bless is the man God calls clean,
Who is righteous in all of his ways.
But the weight of my sins as a chain,
In a moment would strangle my soul.
Yet You poured on Yourself all my pain,
And my punishment You paid in full.

I endeavored to fight sin alone,
God, Your hand it was heavy on me.
How my soul burned! My vigor had flown.
How my bones groaned in my misery!
I acknowledge my faults where I stand,
All my sins I confess openly,
On myself I have pointed my hand,
But You take all my sins off of me.

Let me teach all the nations Your praise,
And a song of deliverance sing.
Let me show all the peoples their place,
As we bow at the feet of our King.
So whenever the harvest abounds,
Or when we are a byword and loathed,
At all times, Lord, You may still be found,
In Your righteousness ever we’re clothed.


He Will Not Put Me To Shame (Psalm 31:1-10)

I have heard the slander of many,
Followed by foes who claim,
They will conquer – they gather against me:
But the Lord will not put me to shame.

While He stands, the Judge who is righteous,
After the way He is named,
By the means of that righteous deliverance,
Makes me holy and never ashamed.

He becomes my rock and my refuge,
Making my clean escape,
He has ransomed me from those who pursue,
And has saved me from being ashamed.

He is caught! In my place He suffers,
Naked and cursed He’s slain.
While His foes mock His torture with laughter,
In His death He has taken my shame.

He returns, the Judge who is righteous,
Giving me grace to gain,
He will continue to show Himself gracious,
While He puts all His foe-men to shame.

Oh, my strength, my fortress, my harbor,
Always in truth remain,
Hating any who worship their idols,
Yet Your love has not put me to shame!

The Fight of Faith

We vie against a lie, my friends,
Against all Satan’s hoards of sin,
We’re called by God then to contend,
A mental fight of faith.

And spare no effort to pursue,
The one who saved and hallowed you,
If strain and sweat could yet renew,
Our passion for the faith.

For now we struggle to embrace,
Our trust in God must be first place,
In passion preach the Father’s grace,
Intense the fight of faith.

This common faith, my friends, we share,
Our trust in God to Him laid bare,
Who dares His judgment not to spare,
And damned who lost their faith.

Thus rest in Christ’s authority,
For rebels lose their liberty,
As did hell’s principalities,
Who fought their primal faith.

Damnation is a horror real,
For every sin will judgment feel,
In penitence, then, humbly kneel,
Renew your fight for faith.

Renew your faith in Jesus Christ,
And trust in Him throughout your life,
Friends, persevere, and fight His fight,
To earn His life by faith.