The Eternal High Priest (Hebrews 7:20-25)

When we are whelmed with wicked men,
When evil poises for the win,
And we are tempted to give in;
For was our faith misguided, then?
Yet open up your weary eyes:
There’s more which stand upon our side.

For God the Father this oath swore:
“Christ is My priest forevermore.”
And He will never come up short,
Nor be abandoned by the Lord.
Thus He assures this better oath,
Defended by the Lord of hosts.

And He will never be replaced,
But actively will see us saved,
From any sin, or any place,
If we but trust Him through His grace.
The intercession of the Christ,
Secures the victory for His side.


Confidence In Christ (Hebrews 6:13-20)

When you are pressed in your despair,
And wonder if the Lord is there,
This confidence must be your hope,
And He will give you grace to cope.
For unto Abraham He swore,
“I’ll bless your offspring evermore.”
Yet Abraham was sorely pressed,
When God made Isaac as the test.
Yet Abram persevered in faith,
His patience, therefore, garnered grace.
And when two men may make an oath,
It’s by what’s greater than them both.
So God, when swearing, did appeal,
But to Himself – the perfect seal –
To show with overwhelming might,
The mediation made in Christ.
That those of faith may rest assure,
That their inheritance is sure.
And since the Father does not lie,
This matter no one can deny:
For those who have escaped the wrath,
And have this hope within their grasp;
The Lord has sworn, and He will act!
Now take great comfort in this fact;
As though an anchor for your soul,
This confirmation to take hold,
A confidence that will not fail,
To enter through the curtained veil –
For Jesus pioneered that path,
And we will follow Him at last!

Doomed (Hebrews 6:4-6)

What man is there who can’t return to grace?
The one who’s learned of God’s enlightenment,
Who’s tasted of the heavenly gift to men,
Who’s been acquainted with the Spirit’s ways,
Who’s tasted of the Gospel word of praise,
Who’s seen the hosts of heaven’s firmament,
Yet turns aside to trespass into sin:
This man can never be renewed to faith.
For those this vicious fallen state who claim,
Are rebels and recidivists to night.
They openly then put the Lord to shame,
And crucify again the risen Christ.
Oh Jesus Christ, I plead now desperately,
That this description never labels me!