Walk with God (Hebrews 11:5-6)

We will see the Lord descend,
With myriads of stars,
To bring His justice in the end,
Of each ungodly heart:
The rebels, revelers-in-sin,
Are cast to outer-dark.

So in this climax of His plan,
If you would walk with Him,
Believe what He’s revealed to man,
Turn holiness from sin.
By faith you live and seek His plan,
And you’ll bring joy to Him.

So seek out every word He said,
And search His scriptures well.
And learn to know Him as your head,
Call out those who rebel.
Mark how He keeps each promise said,
How we are saved from Hell.


The Faith of Abel (Hebrews 11:4)

With faith did Abel give his sacrifice,
The best of blood he found within his flock.
He knew his offering never would suffice,
But sought the mercy of the living God.
And though his mother called him empty wind,
He would not turn to selfish pity’s hate,
But looked to God to save him from his sin,
And call his life and make him something great.
Yet Cain would not let God direct his life,
But sought to become great by his own deeds.
He therefore brought his hollow sacrifice,
For he believed he had no sin or need.
But Jesus counted Abel as his saint,
While Cain became a shamed and migrant mark.
We still hear Abel’s praise and Cain’s complaint,
And Abel teaches us a faith-filled heart.

The Hands of Judgment (Hebrews 10:23-31)

Hold to the promise we hope in,
Which can not be bended or broken.
Relentlessly hold the confession,
For it’s your most costly possession.
The One who has promised is certain,
And nothing can ever deter Him.

Take cognizance of one another,
To aid in defending your brother.
Unto Godly righteousness guiding,
Not shirking, forsaking, or hiding.
Exhort to the truth ever clearer,
As God’s day of judgment grows nearer.

If you willingly sin not believing,
Though a full knowledge you are receiving,
You’ve forsaken the grace you were given,
There’s no sacrifice left to be given.
But there’s fire prepared for the scoffer,
And wrath that is whetted to slaughter.

Oh tremble before Jesus’ anger!
His judgment is dreadful in danger.
His hands which will harrow the nation,
Are our only hope of salvation:
By those hands every rebel will perish,
By those hands we are lovingly cherished.