Oh, Dread the Coming Judge (Hebrews 4:12-14)

Oh, dread the coming Judge who will display,
His justice on His coming judgment day:
The Word of God, the Son, the risen Lord,
Is living, active, double edged sword.
He’ll slice apart the spirit from the soul,
Dividing bones and joints – leaves nothing whole.
And He discerns the thoughts of every man,
He searches hearts to judge and then to damn.
Oh! hopeless humans, naked to His eye,
For not a creature from His wrath may hide,
We’re thrown upon our knees, our throats exposed,
Prepared as prey to perish as His foes.
Oh! will you turn to Christ, and this avoid,
Or guilty, in defense be thus destroyed?
For Jesus as the high priest of our faith,
Has crossed before to heaven and awaits,
To welcome those who hold onto His name,
And all His ransomed children then to claim.
If you would save your soul from death and hell,
Then cling to Christ and all your self compel,
To worship Him: in word, and thought, and deed.
So hold to Him, and He will intercede.
Then rest assured, you rebels-turned-redeemed,
For Christ condemns no more those He has cleaned.


Rest (Hebrews 3:15-4:11)

For every weak and wearied heart –
Like sailors yearning for the land,
The watchman waits for dawn to start,
The workman sore, with aching hands –
For such as these, in groaning flesh,
God calls, “I have prepared your rest.
Be still, for I will give you rest.”

Oh, do not turn to disbelief;
Apostasy will leave you sore.
But God gives rest, all else give grief.
He is the winner of the war.
Oh, fear the Lord, and dread His wrath,
So tread with care His righteous path;
“Be still, for I will give you rest.”

Why would you choose to leave behind,
The promise of God’s rest to us?
For you will come up short in time,
And thus be damned for your distrust.
But those who hear God’s word in faith,
Obtain the promise that He gave,
“Be still, for I will give you rest.”

The promise of the substitute,
The Gospel Lamb, whose blood was shed,
And took God’s wrath from me and you,
First slaughtered, then raised from the dead.
Oh, hear, and put your trust in this,
That you may claim His promises,
“Be still, for I will give you rest.”

Of Men and Angels (Hebrews 2:16-3:1)

When angels fell in treason,
The Lord has shown no grace to them,
But damned them harshly in their sin,
His justice soon will seize them.
Yet our sins He atones,
To take us as His own.

The seed of Abram saving,
The seed of Abraham’s great trust,
For He became as like to us.
All suffering then braving,
In mercy for our plight,
And tested for His right.

And now He may deliver,
That man afflicted in his sin,
Assuring us that we will win,
Destroying that Deceiver,
For He has blazed the way,
To save us by His grace.

Cement this in your thinking:
This man who all these works has done,
Is Jesus Christ, Jehovah’s Son.
This holy work completing.
The Lord, sent in humility,
To call us to His family.