Lifting (Psalm 40:1-8)

The Lord has lifted me to life,
He listened to my litany,
Of cries and tears from pits of strife,
While I was waiting eagerly.
Behold this rock on which I stand!
My feet are firmly fixed on Him.
No storm can wrench me from his hand,
Nor any demon denizen.
And thus I sing my brand-new song:
“The man who trusts in God is blessed,
Who not among the proud belongs,
Who never falsehood has possessed.
And who could count His wondrous works?
The world He wrought before His face.
In mercy He has sent His word,
To make us righteous by His grace.
You did not ask for blood of bulls,
Behold, this body You have raised.
You covenant by Him made whole,
You cured the deaf to hear Your ways.”
I looked at all His prophesies,
For I have copied them and read,
Yet God, You spoke concerning me!
Fulfilling all these words You said.

Fault (Psalm 39)

Must I not speak a word,
To keep myself from sin?
That I offend not God,
Or blaspheme before men.
For human language fails.
Our ear has never heard –
But God commands us speak,
And He became the Word.

How can I come to You?
I live but fleeting years,
My mortal, finite cry,
Will never reach Your ears.
For You forever Am,
But I will cease to be –
And yet the Spirit stands,
To intercede for me.

I hope in transience,
In vanity and dust.
The shadow of Your light,
Is all I bear to trust.
I justly should be slain,
For doubting in Your ways –
But You condemned Yourself,
And took my sinner’s place.

A dreadful guest am I,
Dependent on Your grace,
I’d quickly blow away,
Before Your frowning face.
I’m guilty, small, and damned,
Yet unto You I called –
The trial is adjourned,
You filled my every fault.

Pain (Luke 23:44-49)

What has the Father done,
In punishing His son?
What wrath has He imposed,
To treat Him as His foe?
To such a torture sent,
His body bruised and bent,
In naked shame displayed,
To suffocate in pain,
While dogs and vultures swarm,
To desecrate His form.
Is this the price of sin?
The Son of God condemned.
You secret-keepers see,
The cost then to redeem.
Behold your Savior’s pain,
Why shrink, then, from His name?
Will you not yet confess,
This King of Righteousness,
Before the courts of man?
Or else would you be damned?
What mercy God has shown,
Redeeming us – His foes.
The risen Christ revealed,
His horrid wounds now sealed.
We’re summoned to His throne,
He calls us all His own!