Psalm 22: Never Forsaken

My God, my God, oh why?
Have you forsaken me?
Are you away and cannot aid?
Or hear my groaning plea?

Lord all the night I cry,
And also all the day.
Pray, was your ear bent forth to hear,
Enthroned of Isreal’s Praise?

Our fathers set a cry,
You saved them from their plight.
Yes, they did trust Jehovah just,
You made them stand upright.

Yet like a worm am I,
Reproachful unto men.
At me they mock and sneering scoff,
Despised as dirt to them.

They say, “He trusted, see!
Then let God rescue him!
He trusted God – a frail facade,
Does God delight in him?”

Did You not form my mind?
And claim me as I nursed?
While in the womb, my God was true,
He caused and kept my birth.

O Lord, Great Adonai,
My trouble now is near.
Lord, do not leave or me bereave,
When everything looks drear.

Though death may face my eye,
And beasts of hell come haunt,
Yet I will laugh and joy still clasp,
Though all my bones pull taunt.

The dogs and bulls in might,
Encompass me around.
My limbs they piece with anger fierce,
And lift me from the ground.

Yet though my body die,
I’ll always trust in thee.
In you is life, my God – my Christ.
You bled to rescue me.

You were the one despised.
You took it in my stead.
I need not fear, Lord, you do hear,
Forsakenness is dead.


Psalm 7: Judgement

My shield, my sword, my bulwark high,
Save me from my foes!
To you, my Lord I’ll surely fly,
For refuge from my woe.
Lest they tear my flesh apart,
Like lions, take me prey.
Rending up my bones and heart,
With none to make them stay.

Have I wronged them Lord, my God?
Is there evil in me?
If I have harmed him without cause,
Or done iniquity,
Then leave me to this evil man,
Let him take my life,
Before him then I will not stand,
Let him end this strife.

Arise in righteous anger, Lord,
Release your glorious fury.
Deliver me! Unsheathe your sword.
Bring your judge and jury.
Call out the senate of the earth,
And over them preside.
With your lips give justice birth,
Judge me. I’ll not hide.

Before the nations judge me, Lord,
By my righteousness.
Judge the nations. save me Lord,
By my innocence.
I have put my shield on Christ,
Defend me, save me, judge me right.

Psalm 3: Salvation

How many are my foes!
They gather in a mighty horde,
Their horns before me blow,
For I alone uphold our Lord.

“Why stand you their alone?” they call,
“Be sure you’ll die. You’ll surely fall.”
“My Lord will save me here this day,”
I say, still standing in their way.
“There is no help for you in God,
Your loyalty is a facade!
You rebelled with all of us,
He won’t save you – who broke his trust.”

And so they charge against me,
And I cried out unto His hill,
And then he came to save me,
From those whose will was bent to kill.

Like my shield he stands before my foes,
Upon his hands he blocks their blows.
Before him spreads his glorious dread,
But He – my Lord – lifts up my head.

Then in the battle fierce,
A weariness upon me falls.
The darts of slumber pierce
Through me until my vision fails.

So I lay down to sleep in peace.
For my protector would not cease.
And I did wake and rise again,
For though He die He would defend.
I’m not afraid of thousands more:
Though they stretch unto the shore;
Though they surround me with their hate
My salvation will not wait.

Arise O Lord and save!
They come before me to destroy.
They’ll send me to the grave,
If Your salvation’s not deployed.

But you will strike them in the face
And break their teeth out of their place.
You alone are strong to save.
Blessed is the man who is Your slave!