I Peter 5:1-5: Shepherds Under Christ

Now fellow elders listen,
My exhortation heed,
For I witnessed Christ’s death,
And glory that He leads.
You elders as you guide the church,
And council give, and wisdom search,

You, elders, feed the flock!
As pastors, pasture well.
This foremost of commands,
All heresy dispels.
Yet do not lead compulsively,
Spurn lucre, and serve eagerly.

And do not rule by fear,
Political intrigue,
Yet humbly through your life,
And by example lead.
So when our Savior Christ comes down,
Then we will all receive His crown.

And younger men submit,
To elders, without pride.
Humility your clothes,
The Spirit then will guide.
Since “Proud men God will waste with war;
For humble He holds grace in store.”


Psalm 23: Shepherd’s Hymn

(To the tune of “Will You Go, Lassie, Go?”)

I will never lack a thing,
For the Lord is my shepherd,
He who clothes little flowers,
And gives food to all the field-birds.
I will never lack a thing.

He will give me peace to rest,
Like a lush and blooming pasture,
And a crystal cool water,
A calm stream to take my leisure.
He will give me peace to rest.

He will well refresh my soul,
Make me walk with the righteous,
For His own reputation,
Fills my mind with thoughts sagacious.
He will well refresh my soul.

I need never fear at all,
Though I tread death-like valleys,
For the Lord God is with me,
And His rod and staff shall cheer me.
I need never fear at all.


The angels herald news
To certain shepherds – Jews
Why bother with these poor and weak?
But listen and you’ll see.

The Christ would be as them,
A shepherd – unto men.
All nations then would be his sheep.
That’s who he came to be.

And they were poor in life,
Thus also was the Christ.
He humbly in a manger sleeps.
That’s how he came to be.

The needy Christ would aid,
By His own blood to save,
The shepherds then were most in need.
That’s why he came to be.