Thoughts on Leviticus 13:47-59 and 14:33-57

As human beings, stewards of the world,
We intervene against destruction’s blight.
Protecting our domain from plague and sword,
In Jesus’ strength, indomitable, we fight.
As priests made in the covenant of grace,
We’re called to make a clear distinguishing,
Discernment of both good and evil states,
For know that you will judge the angel kings.
As sons and daughters of the living God,
Empowered by the Spirit’s mighty aid,
We’ll tear away the pitted, leprous spot,
Removing sin’s uncleanness from our ways.
For God is sovereign over everything,
And we rely upon the King of kings.

Unripened Fields (John 4:7-42)

All banded tight together in defense,
In comradeship against defilement,
Begrudgingly among Samaritans,
They hoped the food they bought was clean for them.
Alone, so no one else could witness her,
As she made profit from adultery,
She seeks the well at noon, when men will thirst,
But found a prophet waiting for a drink.
With thirst and hunger as His company,
Though capable of making meat and wine,
His water giving moral purity,
His bread for breaking prejudicial lines.
Yet Jesus preached among unripened fields,
And with His words, a mighty harvest yields.

Death and Blood (Romans 8:12-17)

When men reject their God, they live in fear,
They have no surety that a Father’s near.
And fearful men respond in killing sprees,
To massacre what gives anxiety.
When threatened fears turns to – once more –
Abortion, genocide, and ‘holy war’.
The spirit of the world is fear, and blood,
The Spirit of the Lord’s adopted love.
As sons of God, we have eternal life,
We’ve no anxiety at worldly strife.
And given hate, respond not with a grudge,
But give the life we’re given by our Judge.
Accepting God, accepts the gifts He gives,
And will not murder anything that’s His.