Hannah’s Song (I Samuel 2:1-3)

To the tune of “Mo Ghile Mear”

Glory to the Lord of Hosts,
He shall be my only boast,
He has humbled all my foes,
All praise to You, my saving Lord.

Grief and pain were all I knew,
A dried-up well, a barren root,
So with my voice I cried to You:
There is no one holy like the Lord!

There’s no one righteous like our God,
And only Him will I applaud,
For He has been my fortress rock:
There is no one holy like our Lord!

Beware your proud and careless speech,
Do not disguise your wicked deeds,
For God knows all — so take your heed:
There is no one holy like our Lord!

My Judge, My Light, My Song (Psalm 43)

Lord, the Judge of my salvation,
Judge the godless men’s deceit,
Show Your might as my defender,
Prosecute their perfidy.
Why have You made me an outcast?
Why must I mourn in this plight?
Lord, I know that You are sovereign,
I will trust Your love and might.

Lord send out Your light upon us,
Guide us to Your holiness.
Come, dispel each lie and shadow,
With Your perfect presence bless,
I have come unto Your mountain,
What have I to sacrifice?
To endure Your holy altar,
Let Your blood for me suffice.

I will sing to You thanksgiving,
In a dance Your worship raise,
Glad with all Your church to glory,
Harness ever art for praise!
What excuse have I for moaning?
I have hope since God is true.
God is God, and my God sovereign,
I will magnify anew!

Open Wide the Gates (Matthew 21:1-22)

Open wide the gates to let our Savior in!
He comes the mighty King, the conqueror of sin.
Upon a donkey mounted, He,
In meekness and humility,
The carpenter of Galilee,
And emperor of all the universe’s hosts.

Lay out then your cloak for Him to walk upon,
And bare yourself in honor of the coming Son.
Give back to Him what He first gave,
Your treasures at His feet you lay,
As praise to God who came to save,
In concert with the praises of the heavenly hosts.

Raise your voices, instruments to glorify,
And spread the name of Jesus as He passes by;
Who is this man who comes?
The great, eternal Son,
The King of Creation,
The Savior of the world, His children’s only boast.