Leviticus 15: Purification

A putrid, rotting corpse,
Unclean in all my flesh,
With filth in all I do,
A sewer running death,
A dump-heap is my soul,
As humans all posses.
Emitted from my heart,
This sin drives us apart.

For you are wholly pure,
And holiness defined,
Immaculate in all,
Incomparable, divine,
Impossible to know,
Your sanctity sublime.
Your glory none have seen,
And none can come unclean.

Then dare I touch Your robe?
And make You too unclean?
Would my contagion mar,
Your flawless sanctity?
Oh! rapture at Your grace!
Your cleanness covered me!
And You, looking at me,
See Your own purity.

Leviticus 13:47-59, 14:33-57: Leprosy and Purity

Resurgent in its leprosy,
Though washed or put in quarantine,
Contaminating what is clean,
Ever spreading, ever breeding.

When sin – this plague – identified,
We ruthless must cast it aside,
Our hope, our Savior crucified,
Nature groaning, for sin crying.

With courage make the judgment call,
Distinguishing the sick from whole,
Beside God’s Word we stand or fall,
Truth defending, lies enwalling.

Rise up and stop subversive lies!
Expunge when leprosies arise,
And intervene when helpless cry,
Dominion taking, sin defying!

But helpless we can not remove,
Our putrid sin or else improve,
Our sanctity but by Your love,
You blood out-pouring, mercy proving.

No matter strength of our resolve,
We’re damned to this disease devolve,
A sinful cycle we revolve,
His death redeeming, His blood solving.

Oh! wonder at Your sovereignty,
Sin’s trial bringing purity,
And with temptation, strength to flee,
In His bleeding bondage freeing!

Leviticus 13:1-46: Leprosy

A putrid, fungal lesion,
A skin-consuming sore,
A cancer of the reason,
Like biologic war,
To spread to every region,
From one contagious spore.

Condemned to grim existence,
To live in banished state.
Uncleanness in persistence,
A leprous reprobate,
Thus damned to keep his distance,
No fellowship partake.

But while outside the garden,
The Priest-Physician came.
My heart I could not harden,
Against that healing reign.
My sin-contagion pardoned,
The antidote acclaimed.

How good to make distinction,
To judge the whole from maimed,
The swelling leaven lengthened,
In quarantine contained,
In hope to make extinction,
Of hell’s infectious flame.

There is no toleration,
For what the Father quells.
Disease and desecration,
Forever burn in hell.
But Christ redeemed our station,
The Hope to make us well.