About Me

With a name like “Amos,” there’s probably little chance of you finding the wrong one anyway, but on the off-chance that you did, this should clear up any difficulties.

1. I’m a Christian, and I believe the Bible can and should be applied in every area of our lives.
2. I’m a debater and will willingly argue with you for an hour straight (but it all comes down to definitions…). I love to step into the realm of theory and philosophy. Of course, I also like truth more than being in the right, so if you show me I’m wrong, I’ll accept that. I appreciate constructive criticism. As Marcus Aurelius said, “A mere friend will agree with you, but a true friend will argue with you.” Amen, Brother, amen.
3. I love history. Give me the slightest prompting, and I will explain to you the Battle of Agincourt, recount the epic history of coffee, or explain the faults of the New Deal.
4. I’m a conservative. This might be slightly controversial to say, but I’ll say it anyway: this ties into points 1 and 3 above.
5. I don’t mind being politically incorrect or controversial (see above).
6. I’m a fantasy author. I believe that fantasy should be governed by the Bible (see above) as a means of portraying reality. Reality is what God defines, so if you abide by God’s laws, fantasy can be more real than ‘reality.’
7. I like puns. I will frequently use them and just as frequently am facetious.
8. I love food — everything from growing it, harvesting/slaughtering it, to fixing it up into a gourmet feast. I’m all for quality food. Good food not only tastes amazing but is amazing for you.
9. I love languages: living languages, dead languages, almost-dead languages (like proper English) — All of ’em. I particularly like phonetics and alphabet systems.
10. I’m very opinionated (see above), though I try to be courteous and not too abrasive.(Sometimes I fail — see above.)
If this still doesn’t clear up whether you’ve found the right ‘Amos,’ please get me in touch with the other ‘Amos;’ he sounds like an excellent person — I’d like to meet him!

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