Loving the Unlovable (I John 4:2-5:2)

To love the Father, love His child,
For if you hate His son in heart,
Then you are shown a loveless liar,
Devoid of God, blind in the dark.
If you hate him whom God appointed,
For you to fellowship on earth,
Then how can you love His Anointed,
The Son invisible to search?

And this is what the Lord’s commanding,
The primest of the christian goals:
To love our neighbor, undemanding,
To make our love for God more whole.
For those who love God do His bidding,
Place Him as Lord over your life.
Surrender to Him unremitting,
To answer but the will of Christ.

For will the Father heed our prayer,
Who hate the brother that He loves?
You are related – neither greater,
And fellow heirs of Jesus’ blood.
Then love on earth his imperfection,
To show your love for God who saved,
Both you and him through resurrection,
When He ascended from the grave.


Leviticus 24:1-9: A Room In God’s House

Who dwells in the house of the holiest Lord?
The man who is blameless and lives out His word,
And we, His elect, from our sinning restored,
Are given the right of a place in His court.

And we, seven lamp stands, will shine out His light,
Within His dear presence and always in sight.
Our greatest of gifts unto God we ignite,
To show all the nations the goodness of Christ.

And we have the show-bread – the best of our food,
Is Him who has given His body and blood,
And He who was tortured as our substitute,
To mediate and to prepare us a room.

Our bread and our light now in Jesus we see,
Then we as God’s sons must in Christ-likeness be,
Equipped as His sons, giving generously,
Belonging to Him, and in Him we are free.

Luke 13:18-35: The Seed of a Kingdom

The Kingdom, small as mustard seed at birth,
A narrow way of monumental worth,
Where first is last, and where the last is first,
A day of small beginnings.

Incognizant the power small but bold,
In persecution it will soon unfold,
The crucible ignites the might it holds,
The kingdom ever winning.

It stands unbound by boundaries set apart,
The seed can’t be extracted from a heart,
Or be extinguished once the fire starts,
Our Savior still defending.

No deeds can buy your entrance to this seed,
The good you do will hinder and impede,
Adoption by the King, our only need,
And by His grace ascending.

Jerusalem, you great and mighty state!
The prophets all to jest you relegate,
I wish you yet to enter heaven’s gate,
My blood in soil blending.