Isaiah 22: Sin and Celebration

In Vision’s valley, veiled and vast,
Catastrophe the die is cast.
The slain surrendered not by sword,
The battlements are blast and bored.
The archers shoot in shining sheets,
The blazes burn, the bosoms beat.
The horses hounding all around,
The enemies, entrenched, abound.
But you yield to your armories,
Thus trusting in war weaponry.
And in your towers touting trust,
For thrilling sights your swords you thrust.
And then you rally to your roof,
From holocaust to hold aloof.
To dance and drink, and wink and woo,
As if no slaughter sallies through.
“Be merry men, tomorrow die!
No horror to our houses hies!”
But God has called for grieving here,
To tear your cloaks and call up tears.
Repent! This waring heed with woe,
And to your God, the Giver, go.
The folk who follow His advance,
Despair He drowns in holy dance!
He hews Himself a people high,
Who celebrate His season right.
Repent, rejoice, and fast and feast:
In timely place and propered piece.
So wail and weep for sinning stain,
With clamor joy that Jesus came!

I Peter 4:1-6: Armament

Since Christ then has suffered in flesh,
Start arming yourselves for the fight.
With Christ’s attitude as your sword,
A weapon, omnipotent might!
For those who are dead can not sin,
And Christ suffered once in our stead.
We mystically bonded with Christ,
Judicially counted lusts dead.

And we’ve spent enough time in sin,
Immoral, in drunkenness, lust,
In orgies, idolatries great,
We’ve lived now too long in disgust.
So now is the time to escape,
To Christ turn to Him you align.
Though through this estranging the world,
Who hatefully curse and malign.

But all men will give an account,
To Him who will judge quick and dead.
Those dead in their sins good news reached,
That they might embrace God instead.
Prepare for your spiritual war,
And cast off your sins on the cross.
Ignoring the slander of man,
Preach gospel to all who are lost.

Psalm 21: A Psalm of Victory

Lord in your might the King’s made merry,
When You save he will rejoice.
You gave to him his heart’s desire,
Nor withheld what was his choice.
Because You welcome him and bless,
You placed a crown upon his head.
As he requested life from You,
Therefore you gave it as he said.

In Your salvation is his glory,
Splendor You have given him.
In blessing he is placed forever,
From Your face his joy will stem.

Because the King trusts God alone,
He wont be moved or overthrown.

Your hand will find Your enemies,
And You will burn them all with fire,
You will find them, seek them out,
You placed them in Your burning ire.

You will destroy their fruit from earth,
And from mankind will root their seed.
Because they plotted harm for You,
They’ll never make their schemes succeed.
Because You placed them to the side,
Across their face Your cords are drawn.
Lord, be exalted in Your strength,
Thus we will praise your might with song!