I Corinthians 11:17-34: The Lord’s Supper

You call this supper of the Lord?
This drunkenness and hunger?
Do you not see His wrath out-poured,
The plague you suffer under?
Repent that He may give reward,
And discipline no longer.

Express the unity of Christ,
As part of His own body.
Do not divide by deeds of life,
Those poor and those with money.
And do not split – doctrinal strife,
But factions show the phony.

With all humility draw nigh,
And by no works accepted,
He interposed and dared to die,
And for us was rejected.
Proclaim, in this, the Crucified,
All level, none neglected.

And with thanksgiving, praises made,
With gratitude our eating.
At wonder at the price He paid,
And worship at His bleeding.
The very night He was betrayed,
With His own body feeding.

No sin is ever then too great.
You never will be worthy!
But Christ was worthy in your place,
Why chose You to restore me?
There is no answer I can make,
All praises be before Thee!


Leviticus 8: Consecration

The audience assembled,
Before Jehovah’s tent.
The parliament of Israel,
On consecration bent.
To watch the sacred washing,
Of Aaron and his sons,
They clothed in holy robing,
In sight of everyone.
And also be anointed,
As holy among men.
The sacrifice appointed,
Would all be done again.

The audience assembled,
Outside the city gate.
The parliament of Israel,
To kill the Lord in hate.
Who washed the twelve who sought Him,
As Moses washed the priests,
Who Roman’s clothed to mock Him,
His duty to unleash.
With blood and sweat anointed,
And spirit breathed within,
Before His death appointed:
Redemption for our sins.
The week would be His vigil,
Who surely can not die.
The high-priest but resembles,
The One of priests most high.
High-priestly consecration,
That Moses could not tell,
Who in His installation,
Would sacrifice Himself!

I Peter 3:18-22: Salvation

Salvation extends like a landscape,
With mountains, and fountains, and plains,
Through history, trekking, God’s hand shapes,
This scenery, this worldview, I claim.

Salvation was seen full in Jesus,
Golgotha, His death on the cross.
His sacrifice, once, now has saved us,
His coming to life raised the lost.

Salvation was seen in the old days,
While Noah, the ark making fast,
The Spirit of God preached through his ways,
Thus saving eight souls from God’s wrath.

Salvation is seen through the washing,
Baptism – not cleansing the skin,
Renewal is there for the asking,
The Spirit will cleanse us of sin.

Salvation is final in heaven,
The risen Christ ruling enthroned.
Like Noah through fire we’ll have Him,
Now pure we are His – His alone!

Salvation then has but this meaning:
That we are all owned by One Man.
And no one malevolence seeking,
Can takes us from out of His hand!