Written Into Stone

The Law, though written into stone,
Could not be etched in our stone hearts.
And so the Lord made His law flesh,
When Christ embodied righteousness.
His heart of flesh He now imparts,
His law within the ones He owns.

And though the Father knows all things,
And though His Law makes our sins bare,
Yet He does not remember them.
The Law in us does not condemn,
Its nearness births in us a share,
As heirs to the Eternal King.


Both king and culture make commands,
That citizens obey their rules.
To disobey: the king will damn,
And culture will call you a fool.

And were not both ordained of God?
Then live in king and culture both.
So live at peace with in their laws,
And never needless rock the boat.

Remembering through all of this,
You have another King to serve,
And you’ve a culture that is His,
And always this you must preserve.

You are no slave of worldly ways.
When they negate the gospel’s truth,
Then you must stand, strong and unfazed,
And trust that God will work through you.

For customs curtsey to great kings,
And we are citizens through Him.
So He may call us not to sing,
When culture plays its market-hymn.

Yet never lightly does He call,
And never lightly should we act,
Though kings will boil you in gall,
And by the culture you are sacked.

We have no promise of our ease,
But we will suffer for His sake.
Though never marked in history,
As heroes, or as martyrs great.

But when He calls you to subvert,
Remember this through suffering:
That He has suffered for you first.
Obedience will praise the King.

See the Hands of Jesus

See the hands of Jesus:
The calluses of heavy work,
For He was never idle,
When He was living on this earth.
The hammer, awl, and chisel,
Were frequent tools in Jesus’ hands,
And He was surely sun-burnt,
When He was living as a man.
If He then is your master,
Then follow in His diligence,
For working gives God glory,
Both preaching truth, or mending tents.

See the hands of Jesus:
Disfigured by the bloody nails,
They speak the testimony,
Of grace which never, never fails.
Since by His grace He bought you,
Then clothed in grace you must proceed,
And when He gives you profit,
Use it to give to those in need.