Diverse Baptism

“Lord, give them unity,
As You and I are one.
That they, like Us, in love conceiving,
The Father, Spirit, Son.”

Lord, give us unity,
And ground us in Your word.
Demanding more is self-deceiving,
Like Pharisees inferred.

Lord, give us unity,
Should details so divide?
If dunked or sprinkled when believing,
Are we not still His bride?

Lord, give us unity,
Can we bar men of faith,
If they baptism then receiving,
When they were still but babes?

Lord, give us unity,
Should this then rend the church?
Does this not cause the Savior grieving,
When we our brothers curse?

Lord, give us unity,
Your word must be our guide.
Though we different conclusions reaching,
Diverse, our strength resides.

Eternal Perspective

The King of earth will soon return,
And call each of His warriors home.
And each of them a crown will earn,
When Jesus Christ ascends His throne.

If you would be among this band,
Then be a warrior now and pray,
That you may in your armor stand,
And finish well on judgment day.

And also give what God gave you,
In giving will God’s joy abound,
For every warrior needs his food,
The givers God will give a crown.

But also go and preach the news,
And boldly do what God has shone,
Rejecting flesh, God’s will now choose,
That God will say to you, “well done.”

Have this eternal goal in mind:
The greatest call, to praise the Lord,
And those who He will faithful find,
Receive His thanks and His reward.

But when God give us His reward,
We’ll toss our trophies at His feet,
And then we’ll bow before the Lord,
And great thanksgiving there repeat.

So by this grace be overwhelmed,
And in that passion be renewed.
We sinners in salvation helmed,
We helpless with God’s might infused.