Hannah’s Song (I Samuel 2:1-3)

To the tune of “Mo Ghile Mear”

Glory to the Lord of Hosts,
He shall be my only boast,
He has humbled all my foes,
All praise to You, my saving Lord.

Grief and pain were all I knew,
A dried-up well, a barren root,
So with my voice I cried to You:
There is no one holy like the Lord!

There’s no one righteous like our God,
And only Him will I applaud,
For He has been my fortress rock:
There is no one holy like our Lord!

Beware your proud and careless speech,
Do not disguise your wicked deeds,
For God knows all — so take your heed:
There is no one holy like our Lord!

What Keeps You From Your Faith? (Hebrews 11:34-38)

What keeps you from your faith – you say you’re weak?
Yet weakness cannot cripple you complete.
For even cripples walked upon their feet,
And were empowered by their faith in God.

What keeps you from your faith – your many foes?
Yet who can conquer him the Spirit knows?
For God exalts to fully overthrow,
And route your enemies by faith in God.

What keeps you from your faith – your singleness?
A spouse will not release you from distress.
But God will raise you up to righteousness,
With offspring molded by your faith in God.

What keeps you from your faith – the threat of pain?
How many saints were tortured for His name!
Yet choosing this, the heavenly bliss to gain,
A better life revived through faith in God.

Justice (Psalm 35:19-28)

O Lord, behold my enemies,
Their tongues are full of lies,
With winking in their eyes,
Their hearts are full of treacheries,
Deception all they speak,
And never seeking peace.

They rise in falsehood in the court,
With open mouths they lean,
And say, “our eyes have seen!”
O Lord, hear then their false report?
Then be not far from me,
Nor in this silence be.

Arise in justice for my case!
For You know what is right,
So for Your servant fight.
And put back justice in its place,
In righteousness ascend,
And put their joy to end.

Do not then let them be content,
Who say, “our dream’s fulfilled,
We’ve swallowed and we’ve killed.”
Since they rejoiced in wickedness,
Their face will blush with shame,
That they might seek Your name.

Yet those who seek Your righteousness,
Will sing in joyful state,
Proclaiming God is great.
I think then on Your faithfulness,
Affirming day and night,
That You are good and right.