Written Into Stone

The Law, though written into stone,
Could not be etched in our stone hearts.
And so the Lord made His law flesh,
When Christ embodied righteousness.
His heart of flesh He now imparts,
His law within the ones He owns.

And though the Father knows all things,
And though His Law makes our sins bare,
Yet He does not remember them.
The Law in us does not condemn,
Its nearness births in us a share,
As heirs to the Eternal King.


Changed (Psalm 139:23-24)

Look not upon my neighbor’s faults,
But turn Your eye on me,
Compare me not with other’s deeds,
But with Your purity,
And judge me not by earthly laws,
But by the heavenly,
Else I would never change.

Oh, search my heart, O Lord, my God,
And show me what I am,
My very grievous self reveal;
All my distorted man,
My sins and failing all laid bare,
My straying from Your plan,
That knowing, I may change.

Lord, lead me in Your perfect way,
And make me ever pure.
Lord, heal the wounds which You reveal,
That You alone endure.
So I may better be Your word,
And show the world I’m Yours,
Since even I am changed.

Condemnation (Romans 8:1-17)

A God who has condemned us with His law,
Demanding nothing but perfection.
Like beasts we plead for life; we thrash, we claw,
No hope for mercy or protection.

A God who has condemned Himself instead,
Enduring even crucifixion,
And then is resurrected from the dead,
To free us of our sin-addiction.

Then where is condemnation? It is gone,
For who condemns what God’s forgiven?
So we are free through Jesus’ work alone,
Renewed, our mind is Spirit-driven.

Our flesh, though dead in rotten, rebel sin,
Is now infused with life in Spirit,
He pulls our minds away from lusts of men,
And speaks God’s word that we may hear it.

We’re saved! And yet the Spirit works again,
After He gives us Jesus’ merit,
He changes us, adopting us to Him,
That we the living God inherit!