Peace and Holiness (Hebrews 12:14-17)

The only way to nurture peace,
Is by becoming more like Christ.
For peace is found in His decrease,
And unity we find,
As we reflect His mind.
So let us seek peace fervently,
With all men – friend and enemy.

The only way to holiness,
Is by becoming more like Christ.
For He gives us distinctiveness,
Redeemed and washed by blood,
We’re special in His love.
We honor all His sacred gifts,
In recognition that they’re His.

Now peace and holiness deny,
A gracelessness from springing up.
Nor could we ever then comply,
With roots of bitterness,
Or then to faithlessness.
So sacrilege will not be found,
With in the Church’s holy ground.

Mold Me (II Peter 1:3-9)

Lord, mold me to be more like Christ,
And spur me on to sanctity,
And with Your Spirit strengthen me,
To decimate depravity.

Lord, mold me to be more like Christ,
Not fruitless in forgetfulness,
But stir me from my stalled distress,
Renew me in Your righteousness.

Lord, mold me to be more like Christ,
And stimulate my soul to hear,
I don’t digest Your words, I fear,
And unabsorbed, Your words are null.

Lord, mold me to me more like Christ,
I recognize I do not need,
Some new insights on which to feed,
But knowing Christ is all my creed.

Lord, mold me to be more like Christ,
Remind me of the things I know,
Through scripture, brother, or through foe,
Let common graces make me grow.

Run (Hebrews 12:1-2)

Run with endurance the race that’s before,
Casting aside all that hinders.
Sin takes your throat and turns it from the Lord,
Clinging and stinging,
When you try to run as a winner.

Run knowing you are surrounded by saints,
Taking up heart by their witness.
Spur one another to keep in the race,
Striving and vying,
Brothers with you struggle in this.

Run with the weight of the cross on your back,
Only that weight gives you victory.
Christ at the fore making up what you lack,
Bleeding and pleading,
Strengthens when you’re running weakly.

Christ ran the vanguard, and He blazed the trail,
Finished by His own blood draining.
With joy took the cross, through the pain He prevailed,
Spurning the cursing,
Now with His Father is reigning.