Stephen’s Diagnosis (Acts 7)

Our father Abraham did hear in faith,
And from his pagan home-land walked away.
And Moses, though rejected by his kin,
God strengthened to confront a king in sin.
And David conquered demons with his harp,
Rebuilding worship slowly, heart by heart.
The Word empowered them in soul and mind,
Through faith, and strength, and worship intertwined.
Apposed to faith, the flesh builds callousness,
Enclosed in apathy for its defense.
The Spirit’s strength, the devil counterfeits,
And seeks through vitriol to discomfit.
The world, abhorring worship, turns to schemes,
And more totalitarian regimes.

Acceptance and Justice (Acts 6:1-7)

All men crave acceptance,
And that is why God made the Church,
To love and serve all people,
Regardless of their wealth or birth.

Yet from its first conception,
The Church has failed in doing this,
But in discrimination,
Neglected many who were His.

Yet be not quick in judgment,
When Christian brothers injure us,
Let grace be first extended,
In imitation of Jesus.

For no one can be perfect;
Yourself be quick to take rebuke.
Remember that your interests,
Are bound up in your brothers’ too.

So when your rights are trampled,
Will you commit yourself more sin?
Or giving and forgiving,
The world to Jesus’ Spirit win.

The Greatest Danger (Acts 4)

The greatest danger to our life of prayer,
Is finding comfort and complacency.
It’s easier to act like you don’t care,
Then face the scoffing bullies fearlessly.
Yet when we wade into the war of faith,
And take our stand proclaiming Jesus Christ,
Be certain we will suffer grief and pain.
The world will ostracize us through this life.
Yet when our persecution presses hard,
We’re forced to see our insufficiency.
Then we will turn to Jesus as our guard,
To fight for us and give us energy.
Let troubles turn you to the Lord we claim,
And in His power let us preach His name.