Contemplations on I Timothy 2

A Godly house submits itself to prayer,
With intercession made for every man;
For pastor, farmer, professor, and mayor,
And with thanksgiving lifting up our hands.
A Godly house by faith remains at peace,
Though all the world’s in chaos and in dread.
A wife maintains this peace particularly,
Not in autonomy without her head.
A Godly house is by salvation bound,
And God will hold you through pain of the curse:
In sweet and toil and hardship He is found,
He gives forbearance during childbirth.
For God is one, and He takes great delight,
When Godly households emulate their Christ.

Altar (Hebrews 13:10-14)

There is an altar to our God,
That stands in heaven’s court.
No spotless beast there shed its blood,
To pacify the Lord,
But Jesus Christ our sacrifice,
Has bled there in our stead,
His blood alone for us atones,
And buys us from the dead.

And when the Word came down to men,
We would not hear His voice.
But silently He took our sin,
It was His solemn choice.
With fearsome cries to crucify,
They led my Lord outside,
And damned to death, with His last breath,
My guilt was sanctified.

And likewise Christians follow Christ,
As He has led the way.
Care not of earth, or man, or tribe,
For they will pass away.
And leave behind all sin in kind,
All product of revolt,
With this outside, and our Lord in sight,
That Him alone we’ll hold.

Unswerving in The Light (Hebrews 13:7-9)

“Remember” is the prophet’s cry,
Remember those who taught you Christ,
The fathers of the days gone by,
Who honored God throughout their lives.

So analyze the lives of saints,
Their failures, weakness, strength, and gains,
That you may learn to imitate,
Inspired by their Godly faith.

The God they served is still the same,
And Jesus Christ has never changed,
And as they spread Jehovah’s fame,
So we may honor Jesus’ name.

Avoid all doctrine strange to Christ,
Emotions, actions, life, and mind,
Can guide us to the left or right;
But walk unswerving in the light.