Fault (Psalm 39)

Must I not speak a word,
To keep myself from sin?
That I offend not God,
Or blaspheme before men.
For human language fails.
Our ear has never heard –
But God commands us speak,
And He became the Word.

How can I come to You?
I live but fleeting years,
My mortal, finite cry,
Will never reach Your ears.
For You forever Am,
But I will cease to be –
And yet the Spirit stands,
To intercede for me.

I hope in transience,
In vanity and dust.
The shadow of Your light,
Is all I bear to trust.
I justly should be slain,
For doubting in Your ways –
But You condemned Yourself,
And took my sinner’s place.

A dreadful guest am I,
Dependent on Your grace,
I’d quickly blow away,
Before Your frowning face.
I’m guilty, small, and damned,
Yet unto You I called –
The trial is adjourned,
You filled my every fault.


Ascendent Lord Almighty

Ascendent Lord almighty,
Now raptured in the sky,
We do not follow lightly,
But are prepared to die,
As witnesses turned martyrs,
To farthest ends of earth,
Your promise to our fathers,
In Christ a finished work.
Come strip away our passion,
For all these lesser things.
Our hearts and minds refashion,
In passion for our King.
Baptize us with Your Spirit,
Your holy Word impart,
Open our ears to hear it,
And sanctify our hearts.
Let us now view You rightly,
And see our sinful state,
Ascendent Lord almighty,
We on Your pleasure wait.

Oh, Come and Bless the Lord with Me! (Psalm 34:1-10)

I praise the Lord, and join creation’s song,
Through rain or drought, I praise Him all day long,
In every time and way and place and throng;
Oh, come and bless the Lord with me!

To show myself exalts but dirty rags,
Let Jesus be the reason that I brag,
I boast of God, all other boasting lack;
Oh, come and bless the Lord with me!

I sought the Lord, and He has come to me,
When all around but terrors did I see,
I see Him, and I melt in ecstasy;
Oh, come and bless the Lord with me!

I cried to God, a poor and humbled man,
He plucked me from my torturer’s dread hand,
His angel armies all around me stand;
Oh, come and bless the Lord with me!

Come, taste and see the goodness God extends,
From foes and want, God all His sons defends,
Though lions starve, yet we are still content;
Oh, come and bless the Lord with me!