The Faith to Persevere (Hebrews 10:37-11:2)

But just a little while,
The world’s barrage will end.
Sin’s shellings soon will pass,
And we will rise again.
The Lord will not delay,
His coming victory.
And His impending wrath,
Will set His people free.
The righteous live by faith,
Not by hypocrisy,
So shrink not from the truth,
But speak it fearlessly.
We cannot then hold back,
Or we are damned in fear.
So let us keep the faith,
And we will persevere.
For faith is simply this:
Hope made tangible.
It is the surest proof,
Of the invisible.
Faith is the cornerstone,
The fulcrum of belief,
The lever to uproot,
Each scoffer and soul-thief.
Faith is the argument,
The case none can refute.
It gives us sight to see,
To walk within the truth.
But just a little while,
The world’s barrage will end.
Sin’s shellings soon will pass,
And we will rise again.


Perseverance of the Faith (Hebrews 10:32-36)

Let not faith grow frailer in growing more old,
But fervent – fermenting like finely-aged wine.
Let pressure of prison and pain make us bold.
The fire of trials makes gold more refined.

Remember the saints who have suffered before,
Those slaughtered and sawed through and set on by beasts.
Courageously they kept the call of the Lord,
And God turned to glory each one of their griefs.

Pursue then the promise of God certainly;
Your faith is the substance of what we received.
And Christ will come quickly, crowned with victory,
To bring back His bride who through all still believes.

Confidence In Christ (Hebrews 6:13-20)

When you are pressed in your despair,
And wonder if the Lord is there,
This confidence must be your hope,
And He will give you grace to cope.
For unto Abraham He swore,
“I’ll bless your offspring evermore.”
Yet Abraham was sorely pressed,
When God made Isaac as the test.
Yet Abram persevered in faith,
His patience, therefore, garnered grace.
And when two men may make an oath,
It’s by what’s greater than them both.
So God, when swearing, did appeal,
But to Himself – the perfect seal –
To show with overwhelming might,
The mediation made in Christ.
That those of faith may rest assure,
That their inheritance is sure.
And since the Father does not lie,
This matter no one can deny:
For those who have escaped the wrath,
And have this hope within their grasp;
The Lord has sworn, and He will act!
Now take great comfort in this fact;
As though an anchor for your soul,
This confirmation to take hold,
A confidence that will not fail,
To enter through the curtained veil –
For Jesus pioneered that path,
And we will follow Him at last!