Leviticus 26:1-39: Covenant

We’re conquered by the Lord of Love,
So do not dare take part,
In idols in your heart.
And never serve another God,
That what you make and see,
Bring glory to our king.
No image that leads us to sin,
Let everything point us to Him.

And seek to serve His covenant,
Though we are full perverse,
His favor undeserved.
Then in His church your Sabbaths spent,
To praise His holy name,
Who took away our shame.
His law the treasure of our heart,
His statutes fullest joy impart.

Our fields will bloom with harvest feasts,
With rain in proper place,
And hunger all erased.
And He will drive out wicked beasts,
And silence all our fear,
No enemies appear,
So in His power we will go,
And five will chase a hundred foes.

He’ll multiply the righteous womb,
With many children blessed,
The Spirit in their breath.
And He will come – the Coming Groom,
To make His home with us,
For He has made us just.
Released from fleshly, hellish bonds,
At liberty to serve our God!

Matthew 15: Canaanite Empathy

It was her test, her Rubicon,
Her constitution put to test.
Her dwelling then was Sidon,
Her dearest daughter was possessed.

And so she sought and found the Lord,
And after Him she cried and called,
“But save my daughter, speak the word!”
But He won’t answer, not at all.

And His disciples urged Him them,
To make her stop her noise and leave.
He turned to her, with words thus grim,
“But I was sent to Israel’s sheep.”

“For is it right to take men’s bread,
“And feed it to the little dogs?”
This ethnic slur thus scorning said,
As if with words He seeks to flog.

Could any answer such a quip?
His followers or scribes, perhaps?
Ah! none but her! With trembling lip,
“But dogs may even eat the scraps.”

It was her test, and it was done.
But the disciples now were taught.
Thus was her humble plea first shunned,
To show them how to act towards God.

Would we then have humility,
To plead with love and empathy?
Or else assume, unworthily,
And thus ignore the Gentile’s plea?

Psalm 8: God’s Way of Thinking

The Singer: Creator-king, majestic name,

Daily I will praise the same.
For You have set your glory high,
And made man’s wisdom naught but lies.

Man: The baby is a waist and drain,

It can’t survive excessive strain.
It empties pleasures from your wallet,
Abort it. Kill it. Don’t install it.

God: Out of an infant’s mouth proceeds,

A mighty weapon, strong and keen.
I have established strength for those,
And they will still the angry foes.
The baby-blessing is a gift,
They charm the heart – there’s none too stiff.
For with their lips they utter praise,
My kingdom from their kind I raise.

Evilman: The man’s the highest form of life,

And he has caused unending strife.
The world was caused by happenstance,
A jumbled mess of stupid chance.

Righteousman: I see the stars which you have planned,

The moon you hold within your hand.
But you remember lowly man.
You care, and make me all I am.
You crowned this dust with heavenly grace,
Just bellow your own high place.
You gave the earth to him as king,
Dominion over everything:
The sheep, the wolf, the bears, and kye,
The beasts of sea, and birds of sky.

The Singer: These thoughts, O Lord, your mind gave birth.

Your name is mighty o’er the earth.