Leviticus 13:47-59, 14:33-57: Leprosy and Purity

Resurgent in its leprosy,
Though washed or put in quarantine,
Contaminating what is clean,
Ever spreading, ever breeding.

When sin – this plague – identified,
We ruthless must cast it aside,
Our hope, our Savior crucified,
Nature groaning, for sin crying.

With courage make the judgment call,
Distinguishing the sick from whole,
Beside God’s Word we stand or fall,
Truth defending, lies enwalling.

Rise up and stop subversive lies!
Expunge when leprosies arise,
And intervene when helpless cry,
Dominion taking, sin defying!

But helpless we can not remove,
Our putrid sin or else improve,
Our sanctity but by Your love,
You blood out-pouring, mercy proving.

No matter strength of our resolve,
We’re damned to this disease devolve,
A sinful cycle we revolve,
His death redeeming, His blood solving.

Oh! wonder at Your sovereignty,
Sin’s trial bringing purity,
And with temptation, strength to flee,
In His bleeding bondage freeing!


I Peter 2:9-10: Once Upon a Time

You were a worthless prostitute,
Rejecting love for what was lewd,
Once upon a time.
You were disowned and people-less,
No mercy for unrighteousness,
Rejoicing in your crime.

But now you bear the name of God,
And purged of all your faithless fraud,
By His love revived.
Adopted, children of the Lord,
By mercy innocence restored,
So dead in God — alive!

So irresistible His grace,
Forgiveness I can not replace,
I’m His and He is mine.
Through all my sins He calls me ‘bride,’
In rapture that He cast aside,
My once-upon-a-time.

Leviticus 10:11-20: Aaron’s Prayer

The wrath of God is spent,
With substitute content,
Come eat the holy food He gives,
His grace when we repent.

His covenant of grace,
No fear before His face,
Forgotten all when he forgives,
And in His shelter placed.

“I can not eat this meat,
“Unworthy, full of grief.
“Let me return what first was His,
“And on You mercy feast.”

“My mercy is your bread,
“My law is not to dread,
“You live because I only live,
“Trust purely what I said.”

“Thy wrath, oh! dreadful storm!
“Thy Son in sacred scorn,
“On Jesus Christ, that terror spent,
“Thy grace to save reborn.”