Psalm 24: Creation, Salvation

Can any tell, or else proclaim?
Or name the making of the earth?
Was any there when light first flamed?
When moon and world from water birthed?
This I declare, and thus make bare.

The Lord Jehovah made the world,
He cast the crystal starlight vale.
Foundations sprung up at His word,
He traced the rivers’ turning trail.
His thoughts ignite, He owns by right.

Then who can live within His hill?
But one who does as He commands.
The one who never thought amiss,
Or did no evil with his hands.
Are we condemned? We, born in sin?

I tell you then who Israel is,
The blessed and chosen of the Lord:
The man who God gives righteousness,
And blessed salvation from His store.
His face they seek: repentance meek.

So He who made the universe,
And owns, as the creator, all,
Creates a way to give us grace,
Salvation from an odious fall.
So do not spurn, what can’t be earned.


Psalm 18: My Righteousness,

God delights in me,
And towards me He will lean,
He loves me, though I’m soaked in sin.
Forgiving sin He sees.

For I am in the right,
Jehovah is my Light,
This purity He gave to me,
Is ever my delight.

You smelted out my dross,
My dirty hand’s You washed,
I call it then my righteousness,
Accepted by Your cross.

I kept your laws and ways,
Ignoring not a day,
The rules that You set our for me
That in Your courts I stay.

And when I sin, repent,
For towards your laws I’m bent,
Your sanctity transforming me,
O’er You I’ll cast my tent.

I did not cause His grace,
Nor make Him love my face,
My goodness emanates from God,
I vibrate at His rate.

For He delights in this:
That I would do His wish,
So when he hums His righteousness,
I will repeat the pitch.

To kind ones You is kind,
To blameless as Your mind,
Be sure to pure You’re also pure,
But froward you will bind.

You save the humble men,
Who turn away from sin,
Swift to deliver when we call,
But haughty eyes condemn.

Psalm 15: Who Can Be Your Guest?

Who in your tent can be a guest?
Who in your holy place can rest?
Either he must earn his place,
Or be adopted by his grace.
What must we do to earn our board?
We must be perfect as our Lord:
One without blame, one who does right,
And speaks the truth both day and night.
Who does not slander with his tongue,
No evil to his friends has done.
The reprobate he will despise,
And honors him who to God flies.
When he swears, he’ll keep his word,
He will not change, despite the hurt.
He gives no interest when he lends,
And takes no bribes, nor justice bends.
Who does all this earns resurrection,
He won’t be move, he’s reached perfection.
Who can lie with You, my God?
Our works are but a frail facade.
We surely can not earn your favor,
Lord, adopt us, be our savior.