A House of Cards (Luke 21:5-31)

Do not deceive yourself, my friend,
This world will fall apart,
Decaying from within by it’s own sin,
Therefore prepare your heart.

There is no system ever made,
That is too big to fail,
All kings collapse, all empires razed,
Before God all will pale.

The sword of God will come to clean,
In judgment on the world,
All conquered by the mighty King,
All ruled then by His word.

Be sure, your government will fall,
So make your heart prepared,
Your heart set on the Lord of all,
And don’t bow to despair.

This is no reason, then, to fear,
A falling house of cards,
The judgment of the Lord will clear,
The worldliness of heart.

The wrath of God when thus displayed,
Will show His majesty,
When worldly kings are full dismayed,
He’s shown the greater King.


Luke 20:45-21:4

Honor those who rule,
Pray for their salvation.
Though it be a fool,
Governing your nation.
Leaders who do right,
Deserve our double honor,
Those who rule in spite,
Double condemnation.

Hypocrites who lead,
Lead through loving honor,
Their love for praise and greed,
Results in hurting others,
Distancing from God,
Pursuing men’s approval,
Until His wrathful rod,
Destroys that prideful sinner.

You are just as they,
An addict of approval,
So prone to fall away,
In recognition revel.
But seek the praise of Christ,
And seek His recognition,
Be giving all your life,
For Christ makes pride’s removal.

Though men will all abuse,
The giving I just mentioned,
Yet do not yet confuse,
Your duty with their treason.
For you are called to give,
No matter who will take them,
Make this the way you live,
To seek God’s recognition.

Luke 20:9-16: The Parable of the Tenants

(To the Tune of “The Star of the County Down)

Once there lived a man,
With a piece of land,
And he planted a vineyard there,
And let this vintage,
As a tenantage,
And left it in the tenants’ care.

“I am coming soon,
On the harvest moon,
For a taste of my finest wine,
You may live here free,
If you give to me,
But a taste of what’s really mine.”

But when harvest came,
And the owner’s claim,
Was rebuffed by the tenants’ hand,
And his servants they,
Wounded, hurt, and slayed,
Who were sent to their master’s land.

“You may come back soon,
On the harvest moon,
And demand for a taste of wine,
Yet we take for free,
We refuse your fee,
What was yours now I claim as mine.”

Finally who would come,
But the owner’s son,
To request of his father’s land,
But the tenants rise,
And with plans devise,
And slew him with their wicked hands.

“I a coming soon,
On the bloodied moon,
For those who took away my wine,
And the rebels’ rent
Is in judgment spent,
If you keep what is really mine.”

You were given land,
At the Father’s hand,
So remember that all is His,
As a renter keep,
Not as owner reaps,
But in thanks for what Jesus gives.

“I a coming soon,
On the bloodied moon,
For those who took away my wine,
And the rebels’ rent
Is in judgment spent,
If you keep what is really mine.”