Leviticus 26:1-39: Covenant

We’re conquered by the Lord of Love,
So do not dare take part,
In idols in your heart.
And never serve another God,
That what you make and see,
Bring glory to our king.
No image that leads us to sin,
Let everything point us to Him.

And seek to serve His covenant,
Though we are full perverse,
His favor undeserved.
Then in His church your Sabbaths spent,
To praise His holy name,
Who took away our shame.
His law the treasure of our heart,
His statutes fullest joy impart.

Our fields will bloom with harvest feasts,
With rain in proper place,
And hunger all erased.
And He will drive out wicked beasts,
And silence all our fear,
No enemies appear,
So in His power we will go,
And five will chase a hundred foes.

He’ll multiply the righteous womb,
With many children blessed,
The Spirit in their breath.
And He will come – the Coming Groom,
To make His home with us,
For He has made us just.
Released from fleshly, hellish bonds,
At liberty to serve our God!

Leviticus 19:26-31: Pagan Practices, and Christian Culture

Come out a separate be,
In holiness to Me,
For I demand my Law’s commands,
In culture, sanctity.

Turn not to sorcery,
Informed idolatry,
In God your hope of the unknown,
Not God-less fantasy.
On God you must depend,
Not demons then to mend,
The forces laid that He has made,
No spirit then befriend.

Don’t copy pagan dress,
The pagan look confess,
But separate be in sanctity,
From those who worship death.
Your dress communicates,
Identity creates,
The history made, values display,
Make style copy faith.

And do not cut your flesh,
Emotional distress,
The main of Christ will yet suffice,
If you His name confess.
And do not carve a sign,
That would the Lord malign,
For all have meaning clearly seen,
So to God’s law align.

Accepting Christian faith,
Is more than mental weight,
But transforms minds to God’s designs,
And takes a cultural shape.

James 5:8-17: Legalism

How is God revealed?
The Maker of the real,
Has shown His person in the Law,
The Law by which we’re healed.
For He who love demands,
Has given love to man.
And He who murder banned,
Has given life to man.
Who cursed adultery,
Is faithful unto me.
Who says to evil flee,
Is goodness embodied.

Then was the law for me?
To live comfortably?
Or was it made to show my flaws –
My self-idolatry?
This drives us to the Lord,
Our freedom, then, our sword,
To kill us or the world,
Freedom through grace restored.
The Law is too obey,
But not just for your sake,
To show the world you’re saved,
And bring Jehovah praise!

Then let the Judge give His commands,
And bring His judgment to the land.
The Law He gives will set us free,
The essence of our liberty!