James 1:1-4: “Count It All Joy!”

In trials, anxious and distressed,
Though painful in the time,
The trials in the mind and flesh,
For purity designed,
With grief and sorrow full possessed,
Yet joy is called to mind.

Though persecuted or alone,
In poverty or thirst,
In unexpected troubles blown,
Yet count it joy from first,
Rejoicing then for sorrow sown,
For patience it will birth.

The fire buns away the dross,
And kindles stronger faith,
Then happy in our greatest loss,
For we gain when we wait,
And patience brings its perfect gloss,
In pain we celebrate.

Oh, Lord, then bring us back to Thee,
For Thou designed this pain,
And bring me to Thy purity,
Thy presence then to gain,
The catalyst of sanctity,
Thy grace will yet remain.

James 5:8-17: Legalism

How is God revealed?
The Maker of the real,
Has shown His person in the Law,
The Law by which we’re healed.
For He who love demands,
Has given love to man.
And He who murder banned,
Has given life to man.
Who cursed adultery,
Is faithful unto me.
Who says to evil flee,
Is goodness embodied.

Then was the law for me?
To live comfortably?
Or was it made to show my flaws –
My self-idolatry?
This drives us to the Lord,
Our freedom, then, our sword,
To kill us or the world,
Freedom through grace restored.
The Law is too obey,
But not just for your sake,
To show the world you’re saved,
And bring Jehovah praise!

Then let the Judge give His commands,
And bring His judgment to the land.
The Law He gives will set us free,
The essence of our liberty!