The Marriage Bed (Hebrews 13:4-6)

The marriage bed is sacred, and it must
Be kept all undefiled as is just.
The love between a husband and his wife,
As undefiled as is Christ,
Or as the faith ineffable and true,
Or as Heaven’s inheritance to you.
This covenant conjoined — this married love,
Will typify the Trinity’s above.
And God will judge in unrelenting rage,
The one who sullies this sacred estate.
Oh! Heap up honor on the marriage bed,
In celebration when two souls are wed.
But flee dissatisfaction like the plague,
For that is how the devil leads the dead.
But for your spouse thank God continually,
Contentment body-guards fidelity.
When loving as the Lord, in Him conjoined,
No sword can separate, no foe destroy.

Brotherly-Love (Hebrews 13:1-3)

If God is love, then you must love,
And love your brother in the faith;
Like-minded, with humility,
As Jesus’ body — one,
We urge each other on.

If God is love, then you must love,
And love the stranger in your place;
So practice hospitality,
For many who thus share,
Host angels unawares.

If God is love, then you must love,
And love the prisoner in chains;
Thus show them solidarity,
Tho’ ridiculed or killed,
We call them ‘brothers’ still.

Death and Blood (Romans 8:12-17)

When men reject their God, they live in fear,
They have no surety that a Father’s near.
And fearful men respond in killing sprees,
To massacre what gives anxiety.
When threatened fears turns to – once more –
Abortion, genocide, and ‘holy war’.
The spirit of the world is fear, and blood,
The Spirit of the Lord’s adopted love.
As sons of God, we have eternal life,
We’ve no anxiety at worldly strife.
And given hate, respond not with a grudge,
But give the life we’re given by our Judge.
Accepting God, accepts the gifts He gives,
And will not murder anything that’s His.