Oh, Come and Bless the Lord with Me! (Psalm 34:1-10)

I praise the Lord, and join creation’s song,
Through rain or drought, I praise Him all day long,
In every time and way and place and throng;
Oh, come and bless the Lord with me!

To show myself exalts but dirty rags,
Let Jesus be the reason that I brag,
I boast of God, all other boasting lack;
Oh, come and bless the Lord with me!

I sought the Lord, and He has come to me,
When all around but terrors did I see,
I see Him, and I melt in ecstasy;
Oh, come and bless the Lord with me!

I cried to God, a poor and humbled man,
He plucked me from my torturer’s dread hand,
His angel armies all around me stand;
Oh, come and bless the Lord with me!

Come, taste and see the goodness God extends,
From foes and want, God all His sons defends,
Though lions starve, yet we are still content;
Oh, come and bless the Lord with me!

Sing! (Psalm 32:7-11)

Oh, I will sing unto the Lord,
The worthy Lamb to break the scroll,
The righteous shine out like the sun.
Spring up, oh well, with in my soul!
My mouth will now show forth His praise,
Let my soul magnify the Lord,
Who stretches out His hand to heal,
For He has lifted up my horn.

Let me instruct you in His ways,
The guiding God of everything:
Be supple to His guiding hand,
And of His saving graces sing!
Remember God’s deliverance.
Surround yourself with songs of praise.
He holds you in His hiding place,
And guides you ever in His ways.

If you don’t follow, He will goad,
As bit and bridle on a mule,
His discipline and yoke are such,
To bring you back under His rule.
How pleasant then to hear His voice,
And answer gladly when He speaks,
From rebels turning now to trust,
We praise with passion, joy complete!

The Life-Bleeding

(Your Special Resurrection Day Poem!)

“It is not right! It can’t be good!
This bleeding and this pain.
Are we not given glorious life,
And not a crimson stain?
For blood is death, and life is breath.”
Yet first was blood and then came Seth.

Before re-birth, before new life,
First something else must bleed.
Because the life is in the blood,
As states the ancient creed.
The birth of young, when first begun,
There must be blood and water sprung.

The redbud’s bleeding flower grows,
Before new life of spring,
And fire’s gules and burning heat,
New life to fields will bring.
This crimson-red, this gory spread,
Will not give death, but life instead.

For blood and water flowed with pain,
When our fair Savior died.
His crimson brow and bloody limbs,
Thus cruelly crucified.
When He was killed, His blood was spilled,
And our dead souls with life were filled.