The Life-Bleeding

(Your Special Resurrection Day Poem!)

“It is not right! It can’t be good!
This bleeding and this pain.
Are we not given glorious life,
And not a crimson stain?
For blood is death, and life is breath.”
Yet first was blood and then came Seth.

Before re-birth, before new life,
First something else must bleed.
Because the life is in the blood,
As states the ancient creed.
The birth of young, when first begun,
There must be blood and water sprung.

The redbud’s bleeding flower grows,
Before new life of spring,
And fire’s gules and burning heat,
New life to fields will bring.
This crimson-red, this gory spread,
Will not give death, but life instead.

For blood and water flowed with pain,
When our fair Savior died.
His crimson brow and bloody limbs,
Thus cruelly crucified.
When He was killed, His blood was spilled,
And our dead souls with life were filled.


Psalm 22: Never Forsaken

My God, my God, oh why?
Have you forsaken me?
Are you away and cannot aid?
Or hear my groaning plea?

Lord all the night I cry,
And also all the day.
Pray, was your ear bent forth to hear,
Enthroned of Isreal’s Praise?

Our fathers set a cry,
You saved them from their plight.
Yes, they did trust Jehovah just,
You made them stand upright.

Yet like a worm am I,
Reproachful unto men.
At me they mock and sneering scoff,
Despised as dirt to them.

They say, “He trusted, see!
Then let God rescue him!
He trusted God – a frail facade,
Does God delight in him?”

Did You not form my mind?
And claim me as I nursed?
While in the womb, my God was true,
He caused and kept my birth.

O Lord, Great Adonai,
My trouble now is near.
Lord, do not leave or me bereave,
When everything looks drear.

Though death may face my eye,
And beasts of hell come haunt,
Yet I will laugh and joy still clasp,
Though all my bones pull taunt.

The dogs and bulls in might,
Encompass me around.
My limbs they piece with anger fierce,
And lift me from the ground.

Yet though my body die,
I’ll always trust in thee.
In you is life, my God – my Christ.
You bled to rescue me.

You were the one despised.
You took it in my stead.
I need not fear, Lord, you do hear,
Forsakenness is dead.

Psalm 20: A Psalm of War

God will hear in evil times,
When all about contend.
Call upon the name of God,
Jehovah shall defend.
Yes, He will aid,
With strengthening,
If you have prayed,
His help to bring.

Smell then all our offerings,
God will remember them.
He will hear our hearts desire,
And cause our plans to win.
Then raise a shout!
Jehovah saves!
And round about,
Our banner raise!

For God will listen to our pleas,
And save His chosen band.
Though He is in heaven throned,
We triumph through His hand.
So we advance,
In God we trust.
Lord, see our plans,
And judge them just.

Some may trust in destriers,
The war-shod horse of gore.
But we trust in the name of God,
Remembering the Lord.
For they will fall,
But we will stand.
For God recalls,
All they have planned.

Save, dear Lord!
Yes, answer when we call.
Save, dear Lord!
For you are King of all.